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  1. He's literally cited and respected for his ability to break down court docs and report on them. Another case of facts being FACTS no matter who's reporting them, and credible reporting being credible. But again, you'd have a point if his blog was a hobby and he wasn't a respected journalist Nah....it's being abundantly clear you don't get it (and probably haven't read a single thing that proves any MJ accuser is lying) or you wouldn't be referring to "tiniest details".....which nobody is referring to, we're talking entire stories being proven to be made up.....and you're treating like they forgot if it was in a Wednesday of 88 or a Friday of 90....no you're mistaken. What's become very clear in the more I look into things, when you said the other day "I'm too close"....that's kind of the thing.... judges &, jurors & journalists, when anyone gets close to all the details, more often than not, it points to my side (and if it doesn't it keeps people in the middle), I'm "too close" because I'm looking at everything thoroughly. It's lazy and easy to go "oh he spends time with kids and lets them sleep in his bed, pedophile" than it is to actually look at all the testimony and all the files and all the history in depth. Getting a date or 2 wrong isn't the same as coming up with an entire story that didn't happen, having a history of extortion attempts & abuse claims, having a history of hiding information, and being caught on tape gloating about how accusing someone will help your career.....that's not the same (and every 1 of those examples is from their claims, not digging into the past of stealing or lying about taxes or something), the big lies make the little lies count more than they would without them. If it's so obvious.....abuse happened he would've gotten a charge, in your imagination it's obvious. In the details it's obvious the accusers are fucked up and trying to manipulate the public and the system, they lied about SO much they didn't even have to lie about, that's not comparable to anyone guilty
  2. The fact that there's literally not a single accuser who has been able to tell a consistent story (unlike cases with real victims) speaks more to the likelihood that nothing happened, than the assumption & imagining that it takes to say something did. "he coulda" ain't cuttin it and isn't concrete enough. Alot of people coulda done alot of things unless there's evidence & air-tight testimony he probably didn't.
  3. The word of an award-winning investigative journalist for Huffington Post, who's profiled many black legends including MJ is more credible than anyone & anything on your side.....so yea, not exactly a blog post from someone who's just "some fan". Nice try tho, if he weren't an award-winning journalist you'd have a point, but he is, so you don't. Prove his words wrong.
  4. Always, I can't fathom making accusations about someone without proof to back it up. … Jordan Chandler went to court when he was 16 and gained legal emancipation from both of his parents. When called to appear at Jackson’s 2005 trial, he refused to testify against his former friend. Had he taken the stand, Jackson’s legal team had a number of witnesses who were prepared to testify that Jordan – who now lives in Long Island under an assumed name – had told them in recent years that he hated his parents for what they made him say in 1993, and that Michael Jackson had never touched him. The evidence surrounding the 1993 allegations overwhelmingly supports Michael Jackson’s innocence. It is for this reason that during the lengthy investigation, which continued for many months before Jackson’s insurance carrier negotiated a settlement, Michael Jackson was never arrested and he was never charged with any crime. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that Evan Chandler masterminded the allegations as a money making scheme, believing it would help him to achieve his dream of working in Hollywood. The aforementioned tape-recorded telephone conversation heard him dismiss the boy’s wellbeing as ‘irrelevant’ and claim that he was out to take Jackson for all he was worth. – Award-winning journalist, Charles Thomson, http://charlesthomsonjournalist.blogspot.com/2009/11/evan-chandler-suicide-higlights-media.html .............................................................................*whispers* this is why I say there's 4 cases and only 3 accusors...... soooo telling....
  5. Right, at least she won't look like she's trying to read from a teleprompter that isn't there
  6. Nah it speaks louder that after he did that the boy emancipated himself, it's come out years later that the father was physically abusing the boy, and it's come out that the father was threatening to blackmail Michael for a meeting with Spielberg until he did come to an amount.....that speaks loudly to the entire situation. Like Janet elaborated on it's the mindset of "Let me give you what you really want, to get you out of my life faster". That's Him buying kids gifts & families houses would be so much more incriminating if he didn't do the same for damn near everybody in his life he was cool with . But nah, y'all gotta let your imaginations make it suspicious, vs. it wasn't for the FBI, the judge or jury.
  7. I think it'd have exactly the same reaction, the majority for it, and a handful (not just here but across the fanbase) that wouldn't ask "why not ____?". I don't think there's anyone that wouldn't be the case for. Hell I'd be Ok with Bey (she's way more fitting than Mariah just based on the entertainment and activist level), but folks would counter with why not Rihanna, and vice versa. Like you said, I don't really give a fuck 1 way or another, I mean I'm glad it's my fave highly melanated ArchAndroid electric lady of this generation, but seriously, it's about Janet......and she'll be there....and unless she's performing with the inductee (I'd live, but I'd bet on the RN & janet. Tours getting BlueRay & Youtube releases before that happens at the ceremony) it don't matter who it is. Hell my #1 pick is Bruno, but he already proved himself for the world last year at the BMA's so we good.
  8. I don't think any Janet fan is lost on Janet & Mariah's mutual respect and admiration, I think people don't connect the 2 because they are 2 VERY different types of singers, songwriters, and performers. And the common thread with most of the celebs who do the inducting, they're artists who are similar, not just fans, not just friends/friendly.
  9. And literally none of that equals "molestation", "rape", or "danger" unless you imagine any of it does, and if you do for this you have to imagine it does for all instances.
  10. Yea after all those edits to their stories they came up with, the final performance seemed so real. It truly does show the dangers of a good performance, people will believe it without fact-checking what's easy to fact check. Their thing is about manipulation when judging by the facts, that's what they are doing and intend on doing to everyone that believes them...it's quite sad how easy it is for them... Agreed, it is annoying as hell to compare a proven molester to MJ, it never adds up. ..................Except......his lies have been proven to be lies....and the inconsistencies are proven to be inconsistent......He literally came up with stories in the doc that were completely provable lies. But if you need the list. Just because Wade told more lies and was less convincing telling them didn't mean Jimmy didn't lie at all (just in comparison it looks that way ) Safechuck claims in the TV show that Jackson spent Thanksgiving Day 1987 at his home. Jackson was not only Not at Safechuck's home on Thanksgiving Day 1987, he was not even in the country. He was in Australia on tour. Footage of the Australian tour is even included elsewhere in the TV show, unwittingly airing evidence which disproves its own 'star witness's testimony. Safechuck's mother claims in the TV show that she woke up to the news of Jackson's death and danced around because he 'couldn't hurt anymore children'. The Safechuck family lives in California, where Jackson also lived. His death was pronounced at 3pm on June 25, 2009, and became a news story within minutes. Does Safechuck's mother typically wake up after 3pm? Safechuck claims in the TV show that he and Jackson had a mock wedding in 1989 and then went on 'honeymoon' to Euro Disney. Euro Disney did not open until 1992. By 1992, Safechuck claims in the film he was already being phased out and 'replaced' with another boy. according to Jimmy Safechuck, he flipped on the TV and saw Wade Robson being interviewed about his lawsuit. In that moment, Safechuck suddenly remembered that he had been abused by Jackson as well, so decided to join the lawsuit. He didn’t mention that this epiphany coincided exactly with his inheritance circling the drain after a relative died and the surviving siblings started suing each other – including him – for control of the family business. Jimmy Safechuck claims under oath in the lawsuit that he only remembered Jackson had abused him in 2013 when he turned on the TV and saw Robson. Yet in tonight’s TV show and interviews promoting it, he claims he knew he’d been abused in 2005 and thus, when asked to testify for Jackson’s defence ‘towards the end of the trial’, he refused to do so. But that’s a provable lie. Safechuck was never asked to testify for Jackson’s defence. The judge ruled long before the trial began that testimony could only be heard about certain children, and Safechuck was not one of them. All testimony about Safechuck was literally banned from the courtroom. So Jackson’s defense cannot have asked him to testify – and certainly not after the trial was already underway.
  11. You're welcome, and really there's no reason to debate since most of the source there is from their own trials when they tried to sue the estate. And that last part is dangerous because what's going on right now and people so blindly believing them is this can inspire others to make up similar stories of similar situations and have a full example that their lies will go unchecked by the masses Thing is, that's your opinion & what you imagine based off of what you think, facts are and as far as we have available right now, he was not dangerous for children only 4 ever said he was out of 1,000's. Your imagination doesn't hold up to witness character testimony. That's crazy, since nobody credible is saying he did, only 4 people who got caught in lies, she should not "apologize" to them
  12. Agreed, there literally is NOBODY who the fanbase would unanimously be here for, so let's not act new lol. The inductee has largely (in so many of these examples) been someone on the new side of the industry, period. It was 96 when Mariah inducted Gladys....and to me that seems cool, cause that's basically saying the committee recognizes new blood with potential in years to come.
  13. I do think it's hilarious (yet disturbing) that people who have proven to have lied in their claims are treated as serious (if not more) as people who are actual victims and who's stories and accusations & witnesses & credibility have remained intact and airtight, so yes I'm laughing at these 2 and I'm laughing at you & all who believe them, and I wish them nothing but the worst for trying to take advantage of real victims and real supporters. And it's not surprising you haven't "seen" any descriptions of all that they lied about (despite the fact that it's been posted in multiple threads now), it seems they claimed something you assumed and you made up your mind. And it's not just about "dates/places" it's about entire instances, THATS hilarious, you should wish they just got dates/places wrong. But here's the facts (thanks @bu.), and the sources on most of the testimony listed here...........THIER COURT DOCS Their own transcripts & trial is the biggest fact checkers here, not the media, not some blog post, the actual court docs & transcripts. So yes again, it's funny that people are letting these 2 assholes manipulate them so willingly
  14. I'm talking about their stories have changed since they 1st started accusing, I'm not even talking about the perjury, I'm talking about accusations that they've been making and changing since 2013, they can't stick to their own allegations and all along the way (from the first accusations to the documentary itself) they've named instances that have been proven to not have happened, being places they're proven not to have been. (also the 2nd time they were both grown ass independant men who both say Michael had next to nothing to do with their life, and 1 blatantly lied at claiming to have not testified when he was begged by Michael & his defense for him to, when in reality he was never allowed to at all).......but all their new edits should instantly be believed
  15. Well these 2 men speaking and being proven to have lied multiple times about their stories does mean they likely lied about everything. If nobody credible and who's storie's remained in tact has accused then it's not for us to assume what we can't prove and what nobody credible witnesses are claiming.
  16. Gotta say the ONLY time I can recall Mariah giving props is to the Divas that she didn't compete with Aretha, Gladys, Diana, & Toni (hell MC inducted Gladys into the RRHOF), but I don't see her doing it for a peer. From the soundings of things, this seems to be how it's been, newer artist do this for the legends.
  17. But nobodies talking about sexual abusers, it's about someone who was accused, investigated & exonerated & is deceased. Shame these guys are taking advantage of real victims believability because they want bank...
  18. I know, your point is assuming what's not porn could be used as porn and that should be enough, but it's not.
  19. Top portion remains, ESPECIALLY since they were allowed as evidence. What you assume is up to you, but unless it's porno, it's not enough.
  20. First, if it's not porn, it's not guilty, its just up to you to assume, but a jury & the FBI & a judge already did and their opinions and assumptions trump yours. Also, what's your source on that? Cause a "art book about boys" was never in the headlines or cliffnotes of what was found, and most tabloid's that post fake stories for people to easily believe, that would've been huge to trick people with
  21. All truth. She's so damn unopologetic in her everything, I live for it, and the chick is a talented as she is? She is a queen in the making. Alicia I get cause she covered Prince on her 1st album......but....homegirl was UBER new still in 04....that's....a damn mess & shame for both legacies.
  22. Right, I'd rather someone who represents what Janet's legacy has been all about, not some flavor of the month, plus...
  23. PREACH. Her presence has always been what Control is about, her music (ESPECIALLY her masterpiece last year) is the child of Rhythm Nation, janet., & The Velvet Rope. Janet has many musical daughters, some represent her singing style, some represent her performance style, most represent both, but few represent her artistry and activism at it's best (and in many ways keeps the conversations that Janet got started and got popular 20-30yrs ago going), and Janelle is that daughter.
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