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  1. Yes and complaining about what you cant control is so "winning"
  2. 100% agree, not to mention that she said in 95 she cant see herself touring (specifically doing If & Rhythm Nation) in her late 30s and 40s, she's supposed to be the Actress who releases albums sometimes now lol.
  3. I used to be EXACTLY that way for that song until the RWU tour. Hell it got me liking the song, but I still play the tour version over the album version. Hell I can barely get to the chours of Greatest Ex (which is why I must insist it leave )
  4. Im for all those choices, but I never ever liked RWU as the 2nd single, for me that song took the longest for me to like (like I ddint until the video came out, and there was quite a distance between that songs release & the video release). Like I always felt like Luv should've been the 2nd single, then Cant Be Good, then RWU. I never felt like RWU should've been the 2nd single.
  5. Well I understand and respect your opinion, but I gotta disagree, thats 1 of the 1st (and only) that hooked me from the 1st listen (hell even Feedback didnt do that, took the 3rd listen for me to see that song was hot). But I always felt like 2nite was the most underated song of the album, and I felt like itd do somethin big on the charts with the right video, look, & choreography, hell also on the R&B charts as well. But thats just me (might even be literally lol) but its how I feel about it.
  6. WHAT!?! Ok Im not a huge fan of the verses (I like em but they arent all that) but that chorus is my fave thing about almost the whole Discipline album (real talk) My ideal top 5 (in no particular order) is .2Nite .Luv .Cant Be good .Feedback .Discipline (another song that the chorus saves for me) anything else wouldnt hurt me too much if/when they get cut.
  7. Greatest Ex (sho is far from the Greatest Song)
  8. :clapping: YAY, (for me personally this makes up for Like You Dont Love Me winning Damita Jo & Truth Winning A4You) hell honestly Enjoy or Do it to me would've accomplished that.....not Love 2 Love tho...
  9. a mix of Justice & Patty, and that includes Pattys anger lol Justice __________ .Livin in the hood, and I excape through my crafts and interest as the outlet of all my emotions, wants & needs .I got alot of healing to do like Justice did after Markell's death .Justice did hair Patricia _____________ .BETTER AT GIVING ADVISE THAN TAKING IT (dont mean to toot my own horn,but "toot toot", I have helped alot of my friends out of depressions, and drama with advise, but when someone tries to help me, its....not so easy) .we have temper problems (mine arent nearly that bad on the outside, but then again I've never been pushed to that limit) .We both dont like it when people fuck with the money we earned.
  10. I love both but lets be real, Do it to me dont stand a chance against this one
  11. Oh my bad, didnt know there was a designated time. Do it to me to gooo
  12. Love em both, but Do it to me gotta go (sorry, Enjoy's 1 of my most fave songs of hers from the last 10yrs) (oh and Im speaking for when So excited is officially eliminated)
  13. In warmth I thought she said (in the chours) "Let me take my pants off, so we can get dowwwwn"
  14. :clapping: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SO TRUE, a dont forget the dance teacher also got Whitney & Toni as students too lol
  15. .........................waiting on the main person to kick off So Excited so we can battle out Enjoy & Do it to me
  16. I got alot too (that I'll probably post later), but the main 1 I find most funny is what I thought she said in Do it to me "you dont need a erection to give me some affection"
  17. Do it to me aint goin nowhere im honestly happy with the final 2 being Enjoy & Do It to me, I mean ultimately I'm goin wit Enjoy for the gold, but Do it To me is a good silver (Take Care shoulda been the bronzed, but we aint gettin in that )
  18. So Excited, love it, but......Khia...............nooo. (shoulda been Missy or Eve, hell or Lil Kim)
  19. Nah I wasnt playing with A4Y, I saw Truth won (seriously, love the song but over Better Dayz, China Love, All For You, Come on Get up Someone Call my lover or Feels so right?I cant.......NEVER). OK Im GLAD as all hell that I stayed out of RN & janet because I love every single each and every song on both albums so its like itd kill me to have to see certain ones go, even tho they'd have too. For Control, I cant see anything but Pleasure Principle or Nasty (hell I'll even throw in Funny how times fly), but WHYDFML? meh, dont agree but I guess I can see it My feelings exactly at that win lol Yea this damn survival game is seriously causeing me to cloud my judgment over my fellow janfam..................its creating distrust lol (jp.....not really )lol
  20. The song sounds like a demo, ya her voice is nice in it, but the backing music is to tame & lame. Like people can call Take Care boring all they want but but that song had a FEEEELING, a oldschool quiet storm quality. And With U.............nothin really special. Nothin about that song is deserving of it to be in the top 5 of this survivor Now the Zax old school R&B remix to With U is a whole different story, that should've made the album, I'd actually think twice about it (still wouldnt save it for Take Care). (this shits on the album version completely in my opinion) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elTu7MvovYo
  21. Yea I'll avoid the janet album game. I cant believe Like You dont love me won Damita Jo, I know you (^^^) voted for it, but.........I cant lol, no literally I cant, I like the song but I forget about it all the time (I think it shouldve been All Nite Dont Stop, or Island Life, or Sexhibition (but thats me) SERIOUSLY? Together Again didnt meet the top 5? .............................the fuck
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