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  1. Except it makes so little sense to trash Janet, wheres wit Bey, unless your a fan/stan, she gives us ALOT to work with for dissing her lol. Plus dealing with the Madonna stans on youtube, whats worst is theres alot of racism, which is completely fucked up seeing as how Madonna is CLEARLY down with the swirl (cough, Dennis Rodman, Prince, & MJ............). Thats like a Janet stan who hates gay folks lol. Both dont make no kind of sense. But hell at least we dont go there wit Bey, well cause we cant lol.
  2. You guys suck for that shit The fact that With U has outlived Take Care is a god damn shame WITH U
  3. Alright, lady in front of me had me rollin when she told her little kids "thats mamas big sister yo Auntie Janet singin" LOL
  4. You aint lyin about that 1 (same wit Never Letchu Go)
  5. ........somewhat? lol Please, and massive support from the label and the producers speak on my side, bottom line shitty songs get to top 10's & #1's all the time, stop playin And your iDayz isnt making you sound worst than you are by yourself
  6. With U sounds like a demo next to Take care
  7. With U better be long gone before Take Care is even half the majority, if not, then I have lost my entire faith in my fellow Janfam
  8. BOOOOOOOOOO Janfans always hatin on Call on me:rolleyes: With U (call on me should've followed this)
  9. It is time for With U to go, I like the song too, but I'd save This Body, Show me & Get it out me for it (maybe Daybreak, depending on my mood......not right now tho lol)
  10. I SAY IT LOUD & PROUDDD!!!!! all 3 times I saw her live on that part I do the hand parts to the breakdown, cause they are awsome. But yea I know the entire A4Y routine by heart same wit WHYDFML, Nasty, When I think of you (thanks to the vid of Paula teaching Janet the breakdown), Pleasure Principle, Miss You Much, Rhythm Nation, Escapade, Alright, Black Cat, TTWLG, If, YWT, Together Again, All Nite DS, So Excited, Feedback, So Much Betta, Luv, & When We Ooo) for all those its cause I've seen the vids or her perform those sooooo much lol. But lets be clear, just cause I know the moves, dont mean I know how to do em all LOL, well all of em, brotha do got a lil rhythm lol, but I cant do every single thing, and as sharp as she or the kids do.
  11. And see thats why I dont trash Damita Jo, 20 Y.O., or Discipline because tho I know Janet could've done better, 1. I enjoyed them, 2. They were better than alot of albums that came out in 04, 06, & 08. So I dont bash em, well for fun sometimes, but never seriously.
  12. Thats cool, I guess if I really put my thought to it & attention I could write more depth subjects, but its just fun for me to write diry stuff LOL. But I've always been able to rhyme words very easily for the most part, maybe I'll give it a shot 1 day at seriously writing. I tell you 1 description for a album I can go 10 years without hearing Janet say again, I bet you know what it is............"Classic me with a modern twist"....... I want eithe classic her, or modern her lol. But that concept does work sometimes, like I'd consider Enjoy, Cant Be Good, Take Care, 2nite, I want you, R&B Junkie, All Nite (DS), & a few others (very few) to be good examples of Classic Janet with a modern twist
  13. Oh see I didnt even see the last part of the 1st posting where it listed the producers lol. Ya from the sound of her over the years, it sounds like she dosent have 1 set of directions for all of her writing like it seems sometimes (at least during control, she hasnt talked about doing this much after, but I'd bet she has) itd be off of conversations she's had with jimmy & terry & other songwriters who wrote for her, then its songs wheres shes talked about just coming up with the harmony, then just the lyrics, then you got Black Cat, Whoops now, & Ask for more which were completely done by her. Your writing process sounds alot like my aunts (she's pretty established in Minnessotta, she's sung back up, wrote & produced some stuff herself).Yea I have a thing for writing songs too, only thing is mine are UBER dirty LOL, wonder where the inspiration for that came?....
  14. Yea like I said a while back, Im strongly hoping that the new album is a equal mix of RN-VR and having some of the self-reflecting (Better Days, Truth, SOAG,FSR) quality's of AFY. With all that was just said, sounds like it probably wont have a RN mix to it, but who knows, she has taken albums in different directions then explained before the production. My big question is......how far is she with all this? Like Id imagine that she's been writing for well over a year, just to get back in the habbit of that (like she said she wants too) but has she gone further? Has she started the harmonies, picking the producers, etc.? LOL Im just very happy over all that we have confirmation that she's gettin ready. And like v¡rµs mentioned, Im just happy as hell that this albums gonna be personal again, havent had that really since Damita Jo
  15. I was thinking the same thing, this sounds like a mix of AFY & TVR, BUT........she kinda lost me when she said "light".....I was kinda hoping for something HEAVY, since we havent had that in a while, and we've had alot of light. BUT, whatev this isnt taking away from my excitement that she's talking about what she's writing already!!!!
  16. [quote name=Selita Jo ' timestamp='1316113657' post='237006] Exactly. You guys jump all over shit too much. Call yourselves fans... ch And all of you voting for Slay Me -
  17. HAHAHAHAH STOP PLAYIN, you & I both know thats not true LOFL, thats a good one, "songs have to be good to be on the radio". Not since the late 90's. That was a good laugh.
  18. Yet her music wasnt "everywhere". Once again, theres only so much promo face time is gonna sell, the label has to keep the songs on the radio, and market the album more than the artist does, which virgin & Island DJ failed at.
  19. Ya well promo for the "2" were far from Excellent is my point
  20. :clapping: PREACH (especially about the Make Me part)
  21. I saw kids (as in looking under 15, some looking under 10) at both the shows I went to (in Detroit & Chicago) and my friends who saw it at Radiocity said the same the thing. "Excelent"..............Seriously? SHE was doing all the promo for those albums, there was hardly anything from the labels, Janet & JD were promoting the albums, and thats it. And that dosent equal massive hits. And none of the last 3 albums got horrible reviews, not to say that any of the last 2 albums were as good as RN or TVR, but they definitely didn't deserve the shitty sells they got. Hell even non Janet fans (that I know anyway) were suprised by the way some of the last albums did. Hell an example of that is, even tho Call On Me isnt a Janfan fave, it did go #1 for a reason, hell when that song was out, the kids in my high school at the time were talking about the song and video, same wit So excited. Both labels didnt shell out the proper support that a artist (/legend) of her caliber desserves and badly needed at that time in her career, plus ofcourse theres also the ban from pop radio, that didnt exactly help her sales either. Basically what Im saying is the promo for the last 3 albums were far from "excelent", in my opinion anyway.
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