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  1. I badly do wish all of them did have live albums (and some of the live songs released as singles), especially the 1st 3 tours, all 3 honestly would've made great live albums, not just because of the sound or performances but because live albums in the 2000's arent what they were from the 90s and before, like even now, how often do we hear about really successful live albums, but back in the 60's-70's-80's-90's there were live albums that sold huge and had singles and were great promo and are classics with alot of artist (like Marvin Gaye, Diana, & The Temptations) strongest albums. Like it is without a doubt to me if the RN, janet., &TVR tours had albums, singles and some tour videos.....at least 2/3 I named would've done really well if not all 3. Now the AFY tour I dont know, RWU, I doubt, but honestly I think if #1's was a live album, thatd be cool, not commercially tho, but something for the fans. But if this tour was commercial, Id hope she'd release the If/Scream/RN melody as a single/video, I think thatd work, like Im not saying it'll boost anything really, but itd be nice to have that out there.
  2. Yup, its a good tie. I originally thought itd end up TVR winning 1st & RN winning 2nd. But a tie works since I was rooting for RN
  3. I gotta say Im suprised that #1's got 2 votes and RWU dosent have any, wheres I'd personally pick that one because of the live versions of the songs from the 1st 2 albums, and So Much Better, and I prefer the live version of Never Letchu Go over the album version, AND she actually did Funny How Time Flies. So I'd all the way go with RWU over #1s as a live album. BUT I gotta respect the vote, keep it up
  4. Yea its my fave performance of If, LWND, Again, Because of love is hott, and its my fave performance of Anytime Anyplace, and What'll I do too like I said its a all around great show, and great tour. And reminds me sooo much of #1's (in the negative and positive ways lol)
  5. You gotta check that out (janetmedia or Youtube) because I mean this contest aside, it was a great show, because her vocals were hot, and the dancers were AWSOME, personality & all (personally the janet era dancers are my fave, mainly for Tish, Shawnette, Tina, Omar & Sean, but I love all 8 of the key dancers ALOT) but yes I highly recomend getting on that soon. That was a tour (and it reminds me of this tour where it made the changes it did, the tracklist changes, excluding some of the costumes and songs on certain dates, she changed her hair more for this tour than any other, I think the runner up for that is #1's lol)
  6. Yea I got mine from Janetmedia too. I got my audio from the janet tour from youtube also (the Minneapolis show, had to have it, when she does Love Will Never do, she actually goes into her high register at the end, which she NEVER does) (if you dont wanna hear the whole song and just hear Janet go into the high part, skip to about 3:52 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL-XABWpAoA
  7. Screw the fans who thinks she's dated, lol, I dont think her performing Make Me (and especially All Nite) is gonna instantly change their opinion, if she's dated to someone, then she's dated, only the new album/era can change that.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yElj0E8xjBM The RN tour is HANDS DOWN, my fave tour performances of Nasty & WHYDFML. ESPECIALLY the break downs in both, they both SLAYYYY, and her vocals for CB2M are the BEST on this tour too, no other one where she performed that song comes close
  9. Yea I agree about the #1's tour and all the melodies. And ofcourse about the RN tour vocals, I mean, I think its pretty safe to say thats the 1 tour without any backing tracks (or pre recorded vocal stuff) I mean it was so raw, and you could HEAR that tiredness in her voice. At the same time, I kinda think most of the AFY tour was live too, cause in the Hawaii show she sounded way to tired and out of breath at times (which brings me to mentioning that her vocals for the AFY tour, at least the HBO performance anyway, were my least fave over all vocals of all the tours, I love it, the band was slammin, and I love the background singers voices, but its not my fave vocal from Janet)
  10. Yea I predict TVR winning this one lol, like with most things that era with Janet fans lol. But for me, I LOVE her vocals during the RN tour, and the muscal and vocal arrangements on majority of the songs more than some of the recordings specifically Nasty, WHYDFML, Pleasure Principle, State of The World, Come Back To Me, Alright, & ofcourse Rhythm Nation. Wit TVR I loved the force in her voice that was in majority of the songs, almost like she was pissed when she was performing em (specifically on the HBO show ofcourse, thats the only one we really have). I REALLY love the vocal for the janet tour ALOT, like A WHOLE LOT but the arrangements for a few of the songs I dont think are better than the RN
  11. I have the audio for all 6 tours, and I have been playing each tour all week (just cause I wanted too) and it got me thinking of, what if Janet did release a live album? I think that would've been awsome, BUT which tour do you guys think is the most desserving of being a live album? I want you guys to vote on the poll for the 1 you think the music &/or her vocals were the best and worthy of a live album. BUT, just cause you vote for 1 dont mean in your mind its the only 1 desserving of one, if you feel like more than the one you voted for post em. (I dont want to hear a bunch of B.S. about lipsynching, backing tracks, and pre recorded vocals, it has little to do with this because whether or not she used them, she sang the song different than it is on the album live or pre-recorded, itd still qualify) I came up with this but, I honestly dont think Im 100% sure yet BUT.........as of right now heres my vote I think the 3 tours that would've made great live albums were 1. Rhythm Nation 2. The Velvet Rope 3. janet.
  12. OMG OMG............DETROIIIIIIIT 105.9 just played SOMEDAY IS TONIGHT!!!! I literally jumped in the car (and bumped ma head) but I turned it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY UP
  13. I agree, in Detroit that was the audience "moment", we put our phones up, and we let her sing it, both times I saw it live it was a touching moment.
  14. Yea I have a feeling thats not gonna happen, with his movies being under Lionsgate, and her contract being in Lionsgate.....I have a feeling they'll do more together than Why Did I Get Married 3. Personally I dont mind her doing Tyler Perry movies, but I just dont want those to be the only movies she does, like thats the only director she'll work with, thats what I'd honestly hate. I think she needs to broaden her horizion and Tyler is so limited and 1 dimentional, and she's so not.......so heres to hoping she teams up with someone else like Oliver Stone, or Tarrantino or Speildsberg or someone else big name, even Spike Lee , but Tyler should NOT be her only option.
  15. I agree with the 2 above, its undoubtably her best ballad in a LONG time
  16. I dont have a siggy, type in Jarryl in your facebook search bar lol
  17. Geez Effrem, we've only been friends on Facebook for a year lol, Detroit. P.S. I'd love this mix, but Zshare dont work for me
  18. I already mentioned that certain songs arent included, which does make senses seeing as how they werent performed during that leg (most of them anyway), and whats considered the highlight of the show by most is the If/Scream/RN melody. Bottom line, she didnt perform those songs on the professionally recorded date, and probably didnt ware all the costumes, and definately didnt have the short hair. But what can complaining to us (or even her) do to change whats already done edited & finished? Whats done is done
  19. Im "comming at you" for complaining about 1 song (that she only performed on this tour a few times, and was never exactly mentioned as a highlight of the show) out of the 25 that we're getting, and that we could not have all together. Sorry but a pet peeve of mine is people worring about what they dont have instead of appreciating what they do, cause like I said, its not that serious, its not like their only airing 2 songs like TVone, and this could've been like Rockwitchu where we never got a professional showing of it. So rather than think of the tracklist as "we're only getting" why not just "we're getting"? "the consumer is always right" well if the product aint what the consumer likes then maybe the consumer should take their business elseware
  20. Anybody else noticing how REALLY bony her sholders look lol, and I love love love the way she was in this whole interview, like most of the interviews in the janet. era. My fave part was when she made the guy move wit her LOL, he was stupid, how you gone walk up to talk to her why she's in the middle of her damn rutine, so unprofessional
  21. Oh Im sorry, let me introduce myself, Im the adult whos mature enough to appreciate what he's getting rather complain about what he's not, nice to meet you...
  22. Wow, poor us, we're only getting 25 songs, how horrible of them, how will we ever manage, this definately compares to when TVone aired 2 of the 30 songs she performed @ the Essence Festival, oh this is just horrible Anyway, YES, Im happy we get to see top quality, besides going to 2 shows, I am a lil tired of the audience members videos on youtube (the screaming in some......, anyway and its great that the folks who didnt get to experience her up close and personal get a professional view of more than 2 songs this time P.S. she only performed All Nite for 6 of the 71 shows, its not even a huge lost, the bigger lost to complain about (if I felt like complaining) is no "I get Lonely" (and for personally cutting the Diamonds/TBTILAF/MakeMe melody, I know alot of janfans arent crazy about at least 1 of those songs but I love all 3, and I love that part of the show) but it is what it is, the songs are cut, the show was filmed, either watch it or dont.
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlnoxaNxwjk
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