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  1. GOD I love it when she breaks records. I love it.
  2. Yea this LaToya big thing is the first fight I got into in a LONG time, and its cause........ITS LATOYA....Im still in shock that someone is REALLY going toe to toe with me on HER.......In the last 4 years (since I've been active on blogs, & youtube) I've argued with Beyonce stans, Madonna stans, Mariah Stans, Britney stans, Mary J stans, Aaliyah stans, Whitney stans, and MJ stans. But LaToya.............. And this person is SERIOUS (not joking?) yea I had to go INNN. But yea it is really tiring and annoying. But I just cant stand stupidity about Janet and what she means, its a weakness of mine, and I just went on a bender tonight.
  3. Nope, ironically they banned me because I defend her too much (as the mod put it) and I wasnt keeping the peace when someone would say something stupid. Im supposed to ignore the trolls but I didnt so I got banned. I could apalogize and promise not to do it again, but I dont think that was a good reason to ban me and one Im certainly not apologizing for. But yea I do have a need to defend my queen, andI go pretty hard when I do. Like in this argument here (on the video)
  4. On this video, this guy is trashing Janet and going on about how much more "talented" LaToya is and how shes way more relevant than Janet ever was, and that she's more of a legend than Janet and........WOW just check this out. I...... Cant anymore with this person, I mean wow. I hope any of you can handle this too. This guy is serious. And theres nothing more I can say. But if any of you like reading Janet haters, heres a big 1 for ya.
  5. Correct me if Im wrong in saying that with the exception of the 1 cancel, this is the most dates Janet ever kept for a tour (as in no reschedules or cancels)?
  6. Same here. But I only READDD when they do the "______ is better than Janet", or when their obviously stupid/haters its fun for me. But if their kidding I'll let it pass (on a good day), or toss a lil shade their way or towards their fave artist.
  7. I dont think she sounded heartbroken (maybe its just the sound on the vid for me) but I thought she sounded greatful more than anything. Judging from her answer in the last interview she did thats posted, I dont think shes dying to work with them, her answer ("hopefully in the future") just didnt say (to me) that she wants them badly. But thats my opinion & 2cents maybe Im wrong, personally all I care about (in terms of new music) is that its mindblowing and amaziing, to be 100% with you guys, I wouldnt mind Jimmy & Terry not being on the album, because I think itd be a huge accomplishment for her to have a hit album and songs that they werent apart of, because every hit she does have today comes from them, and itd be interesting to see what she does next (with or without them) I just want Great music, dont care if its a hit, dont care if its a miss, she's too big for that to matter (in my opinion) I just want top notch quality music, deep conceptual lyrics, and her best vocals that the songs are deserving of. Thats what I ask, but you never know. Just gotta sit back and see what she brings to the table, no matter what, I'll be with her.
  8. Yea I can relate, I too have a big history of arguments with the opinion that she dosent ALWAYS lip sync (which leads fans that think she does to automatically jump to "oh so your saying she NEVER does"......I swear sometimes.....lol Glad Im not the only 1). And like someone pointed out earlier she didnt lie, because I know for a fact she does sing live on this tour, but she didnt say it was all live (and its not (cough Scream cough) but the point is she is doing live vocals, even if they are in front of pre-recorded, for me im cool wit it, plus she's been doin it this way since the janet tour. Theres not 1 tour where I think the enire show, on every single date was fully, completely mimed.
  9. I agree, I saw her 7th row on Tuesday and can say the same thing, its obvious she had backing vocals going on but she was singin in that mike from what I heard, and it didnt sound hardly the same as she did when I saw her in Chicago (But like Henrietta warned, the topic is never a solid answer or a easy convo among Janfans, people have their minds made up 1 way or another, some of which have never even been in the same room as her when she's with a microphone)
  10. Janet & John Singleton went to middle school together Tupac's uncle was the college scouter in Boyz In The Hood R&B singer Keith Washington was the hair stylist Dexter (Aka Sexy Dex lol) R&B singer Miki Howard was the hair stylist Maxine
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