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  1. OJ got off because his defense successfully changed the narrative of the trial to be about racism in the police department, the jurors even admit that today and his doc showed the mountain of evidence against him and presented both sides like R. Kelly's did, none went JUST off of "stories" because stories can be made & performed. Saying that you believe their words in this doc after watching it and not actually fact checking it (because it definitely doesn't fact check itself) is putting your head in the sand. You made up your mind, and you can't/won't see anything that contradicts that (just like how you don't see that analogy like being a Trumper is more of that side). I watched all 4 overdramatic could've been 2 hours of that doc to hear every single word. But the issue is that the maker of the doc put out every single word without challenging it or them, that's not a documentary. And I can't fathom watching a doc with that damning and alarming of claims without fact checking anything, stories and performances aren't enough for a jury to make a character decision, why should they be for anyone period? OH BITCH I CANT EVEN!!!! AGAIN AGAIN..........Bu........we're ignoring the "truth"
  2. Really? You have proof that he molested him or does every adult who gives kids rings autoatically mean they're getting molested by that adult now? ......Sweetie....its not about "time tables" it's about making up stories that didn't happen. Him lying about refusing to testify in the trial isn't about getting "the timing wrong" it's about lying that he was even asked . Again so do you go to church now or something cause this whole "belief without facts" thing you're on falls with that.
  3. And we all know that's not Trump-like The "doc" & director tell people to think he's guilty and discourage them from looking at facts and they do and then complain about people fact checking
  4. I found him to be more convincing too, so maybe something with someone happened in his life, but the lies he's been caught saying in this doc say it likely wasn't MJ. That's my thing like Bu's post above laid out, some of those lies and withholds are just ridiculous & obvious, if something really did happen even once or twice, the need to hide, change, or make up information is a bad look for both of them & their performances.
  5. Again, they're both pile's of shit, Wade is just a bigger pile, and getting more attention because he was a C-list celeb for a moment in time, so ofcourse he's gonna overshadow James in terms of he's done & said so much more. But as we know from the facts laid out, James isn't a clean accuser.
  6. But you said things that weren't factual, so I'm correcting you, if that doesn't work for you, you have to post facts Except Trumpers are saying there's something in her emails we haven't found, which is a lie. The people point to the perjury & lawsuit are pointing to actual lies and inconsistencies. Me personally, the lawsuit is only part of the thing, they went all around saying they weren't making money off of this, and then Wade announces he's accepting donations for a "foundation" that's not transparent about where the money goes. Dear it's so long because you've been consistently wrong and consistently corrected.....that's not a bragging point...for you. ...You're literally saying "facts don't matter, their fiction & blind belief should be the most important", save that for the church on Sunday & Wednesday night Bible study, we're talking about things that are proven. James & Wade are all financially motivated and incredibly inconsistent with the stories they came up with=Fact
  7. Yes anyone who watches their doc and considers that as proof is a wako, we know this. And actually as the doc based on evidence I posted pointed out, during the trial, they played Martin Bashir's documentary.....thus....contradicting your point, and this man was brought in to make a documentary about going to Neverland as a guest and what they might see...thus another documentary Stop making up stuff please. Again, they aren't victims because there is no trial like you keep insisting, though the doc is clearly made to feel like it's them on the witness stand. And the "they want money" defense is justifiable when it's a paper trail like it is for these 2 and for the other 2 MJ accusers like again you know you're on team "belief over facts" right? What next you're not atheist anymore because you just believe? Also, you contradicted yourself, an interview(which is what this mocumentary is) isn't an investigation, a documentary is supposed to do investigative journalism and that's why this is being ripped for being so heavily 1 sided and so heavily devoid of facts. And sorry but "the court/police is corrupt" actually doesn't apply here, it's actually the opposite, if you saw the documentary (rhetorical, I know) I posted where they go into details, the police went above and beyond to do everything they can to make a case for Michael being guilty even trying to make a case for 1 of his statues and 1 of his art books being the case for "porn" They worked overtime for a guilty verdict and used more than double the usual amount of manpower & force to look at every single thing they could, but the facts wouldn't have it and the 2nd accuser & his family had a history of false accusations and trying to get money from celebs, but hey they came up with a story on Michael so it must be true That's also what's fantastic about the doc I posted (besides it being about the facts) they actually use footage from the police Officers raid to make their points and to make the point about they had way more cops than in a normal case. Who have you been watching? Yes there's more dirt on Wade than James but James has been uncovered for inconsistencies in his story on this since he came out too, this isn't new, it's just not as juicy as Wade's trashy ass And Bu's post already drags Jimmy's inconsistencies, but here's my favorite: "Safechuck was never asked to testify for Jackson’s defense. The judge ruled long before the trial began that testimony could only be heard about certain children, and Safechuck was not one of them. All testimony about Safechuck was literally banned from the courtroom. So Jackson’s defense cannot have asked him to testify – and certainly not after the trial was already underway." Take your seat, this is facts only not theory.
  8. Here's an actual real documentary released today by someone who was involved in the trial and went into making the trial thinking he was guilty but then actually did extensive work on studying all sides and came to his own Conclusions. It presents all sides, it's edited well & its 1 hour instead of 4... This shit ain't science 1 of the many things of the 4hr mockumentary that's out completely mistreated was the 05 trial, they treated it like the jurors didn't like the boys mother because she shoplifted, because she was aggressive, THIS paints the whole picture, they admitted to faking accusations before......why didn't the 4hr 1 mention that? (cause it doesn't go with their narrative they're trying to push).
  9. I'd legit take it to mean something if she didn't and I think alot of people would and for various reasons. But at the same time, this is her 1st residency type thing, so in general, with this whole discussion, we don't know what her approach to this might be for putting this show together.
  10. I think he jumped back on the fence (he maintains he doesn't think Michael is guilty but he does believe in supporting all victims) for support of his upcoming doc about his abuse he's been talking about and he doesn't want this to get in the way of that. I dig him for not coming out and saying he think Michael was guilty, but basically said he's not gonna be at his defense against this doc. His official words: I’m not taking sides. I’m out of the argument. My job is to protect all victims. That is what I’m trying to do. We can’t silence 1 accuser but say another has rights. So 2 be fair, let the lawyers do their jobs, and all will work out as God wills it. I haven’t turned on anyone. I’m simply no longer arguing the case. I’m not a lawyer. It’s not my job. I’ve done all I can by being honest.
  11. Thing is, however anyone feels about the "doc", it's 1 side and presents no evidence, and comes from 2 inconsistent accusers, and 1 of whom is Wade who is and always has been a piece of shit (again, he's open for donations now, nothing less than $250 tho). If what they said and how they said it moved people, that's that but that's not the equivalence of evidence (again the nerve of people to compare that doc to Surviving R.Kelly, that's just lazy), Janet and his family (all but his kids) were there every day of the trials I doubt this stuff would move anyone who's been on or witnessed the trial.(it's been exposed the family dinner Wade spoke of being at before the trial got debunked, he wasn't there, and why would he be, he said himself he wasn't that close to Micahel at that point, that sounded like something he imagined). What Janet's gonna do about it, we don't know, but make no mistake she does defend her brother at all costs. She was at every court date for the molestation trial, she was at many of the dates for the suit against AEG, she's spoken out in interviews, she did Scream, she performs Scream. She's pretty consistent at being at his defense no matter the capacity.
  12. Wade's getting pushback now for accepting donations with a $250 minimum...... (for the where are they getting paid defense)
  13. Yup it flopped HUGE, like I knew after the 1st night nobody was going for this mock, but less than a Million..........damn I really underestimated the GP. Also Wade is being DRAGGED in the dance community, alot of people he danced with are coming out about his personality & his joking that he would do this if things ever got bad for him, and theres also this.... But....Wade's credible tho....
  14. SAME! It's actually always been my sisters favorite Queen song, and I never disliked it, but I never really had an opinion on it, then that movie changed everything about how I see that song.
  15. Nah it's quite relevant to the absurdity of the claim that "Michal paid for his innocence" yet.......when has 1 rich person paying off the FBI been a thing? Says the person we're supposed to be shocked at always hating Michael & thinking he was guilty of this unproven crime, watching this mock and thinking he's guilty Vs. I believe Robert is guilty yet that doesn't end my appreciation for his talent, there's many musicians and actors I respect their work & talent but the evidence in their personal problems prove that they were a problem, I was/am on ready for any celeb I admire to be a monster in ways we can't imagine & don't know, as long as the proof & evidence backs it up. That's not hard to understand, that's just not provable if it was it would've been proven. Again I take the word of Corey Feldman who was abused by many men & women in his childhood and has been pushing against them on what predatory behavior looks like vs. someone who knew MJ the same way I did...his opinion on the subject carries so much weight then both of ours....and both of the accusors since his word on the subject has been credible & consistent since the 90s but hey, he's not saying what you want to hear so meh "Raids for molestation don't mean anything"..............Again I take it you don't watch documentaries on the subject on the regular (there's so many channels and documentaries about this) so many molesters were caught and jailed because of random raids, to imply otherwise... Yet they did this for so many years, for so many of the properties he owned that they named in this doc and NOTHING!?!?!....... But alas, you know more than the FBI & the courts & the witnesses From the sound of it him dropping them from his life had more to do with it than any accusations, maybe he could just tell they were trash, but that's an assumption too, in general, he was a bad judge of character
  16. Ah as we know from what the President is going through, you can definitely pay to have stuff hidden when you're under investigation by the FBI and they'll never know I formed my opinion off of what the evidence & lack there of after all those years of investigation. And we see you're busy making up your mind that "this + that= guilty" despite what the 10-year investigation & random raids say. And that's cute for you, facts aren't everybody's thing, but "that don't look right" just has never been enough to form an opinion for me, facts, evidence, trials, and FBI investigations do Hey, I'm just responding to how they presented this fiction that's all. Be mad at them for not trying to make it good and legitimate Ah, yea I gathered that by the fast wrap up at the end, they blame Michael for their families demise, it's a cute narrative, would've been more believable if their stories were consistent over the years, not these multiple changes. It's pretty damning for them that it's way more people on the other side who've spent way more time with him than they did and in the same capacity calling them liars. But where's the proof James was molested by Michael, at all....where's the proof that anything sexual actually went on, and why hasn't the FBI found it? Did Michael pay off the whole department, again your mind is made up with this no matter what. And didn't James also come out to say he's getting death threats? Everyone involved in this mocumentary is getting MJstan attention, Wade more so because he's obviously full of shit and a more obvious liar, but James been getting it too. That's cute and all but find a comparison with a 10 year FBI investigation attached, I'll wait, again if paying off the feds were a thing I think our current president would try but ay, whatever fits your narrative
  17. Same here with the side eye, why didn't R.Kelly get this energy from her? He did MUCH worst than what Michael is accused of and the evidence to back it up, but this is what you lend yo name to ........................I got love for her........but I see her too
  18. That song has really taken off lately thanks to the movie
  19. And alllllllllllllllll that truth above here ^^^ + the fact that the mocumentary nor the interview even fuckin trended (US or Worldwide), this is done, and again, it hasn't changed any minds, it persuaded many who were likely always leaning to that side anyway, but it didn't bring anything that makes this a open & shut, black & white case, it's as gray today as it was 10 & 20yrs ago. This thread can lock now.
  20. I hear you on people for questioning things, but it's also annoying that people are making up their minds WITHOUT questioning things or looking into information, no matter what side of the fence you're on, if you're ignoring evidence, you're blindly trusting. And that shits for the birds. I wanna hear all sides, and see/know about all the evidence, and form an opinion off all of it. My thing is don't attack people for asking questions (MJ fans do) and don't attack/ignore people for having them answers (people that support the doc). Eh but maybe that's my Janet stan style, idk
  21. So everyone who shares a bed & hotel room with others is having sex with everyone in them, that's the conclusion you want everyone to jump to Court docs, FBI files, the testimony of way more credible and reliable witnesses. And yea just YOU don't believe them
  22. Again, how can fans be the blind ones when the opposing side is the one saying "DONT LOOK AT THE FACTS" it's like a birdbox challenge. Believe in this doc, and only this doc....dodon't believe ANYTHING that's not this
  23. OK now they're talking about the 2nd allegations, and they make it sound like the mother got discredited because of her shoplifting past When in reality the family got discredited because a history of befriending celebrities and taking advantage of them and trying to extort money from them......how convenient for this doc to have kept that part quiet
  24. BIG time, part 2 is all about Wade and his family drama. Very moving but very telling to me that there's a shift in his tone and personality when talking about that vs. talking about the "abuse", when he's talking about what he comes up with it's like you can see he's trying to perform, like it feels really stiff and rehearsed. And then when talking about his father's issues he seems so sad and sorry and you wanna give him a hug cause this time you know he's not lying. But it's so damn strategic to do that, if it was a real documentary not only would it have an opposing side, it would cut shit that don't have a place.......the director made this have a place to drum up more sympathy and show Wade in a more sad light. They slick, but again, it's being noticed all over.
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