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  1. Congrats! Last year was my year, now it's yours
  2. I can't watch the video because I know it'll just upset me. So sad to hear about things like this happening. I'm glad about all the financial support she's been receiving though. Restores my faith in humanity just a little bit. By the way, who is gonna beat those brats' asses?
  3. Like my baby brother One of the most gorgeous babies I've ever seen!
  4. And all of that is so true. I'm sorry for not being clearer before. I just mean, that whole mentality is flawed and is definitely, absolutely part of the problem. And this is just one part that I've been posting about. I'm fully aware that it runs much deeper and is more complex of an issue. I just feel that this part is something that we can begin to tackle -- make people care and more aware. Also another thing as a white person...when I read/hear/see stories about racism like this, it makes me upset. It makes me want to apologize because I know no one else will. I'm sorry ANYONE has to experience hate based only on the way you were born. Inexcusable.
  5. I wonder how we could help this problem though. If there's more kids should be taught in school, programs for adults,etc. because it does seem like a lot of people are out of touch and almost ignorant to the reality of the racism that is still active, until they or someone they know experiences it. Even then it tends to be met with apathy. I just think people should actively be doing what they can about it.
  6. Obvioualy the metaphor did not translate. I didn't mean literally an office environment, it was an example. And it DOES happen. Some people (on both sides) blame the race for a single persons actions and THIS is the problem that impacts everyone in a community. Sometimes people treat incidents for what they are and it doesn't go past the individual perpetrator. What I'm saying is the people who lash out at everyone for an isolated incident on BOTH sides are the ones who keep racism going. And to say that this never happens would be wrong. To say it always happens would also be wrong. As for your first paragraph, that's shit. I hate knowing that things like that happens to anyone. It makes me angry. My old best friend from HS had a boyfriend who didn't like me cause I was just the white chick. I wasn't allowed to come over my friends house when he was there. He just didn't like me. Shit like this happens and it shouldn't. That's all I'm saying.
  7. I don't think I was clear. I wasn't saying what YOU said was wrong by any means. I was saying the guy you were talking about who doesn't care about racism or affirmative action because it doesn't affect him, his logic is wrong. I'm saying I do not think that's how it should be. And obviously not EVERYONE who is victim of racism takes it out on the entire race. I'm not saying that. It was a small made up example of how it can effect more than just the minority who was victim of racism. Another example, I care if my neighbor is racist because if he freaks out because my black step mom or mixed little brother is in his yard, that matters to me. If my friends go into a store and are told their "kind" isn't served, that matters to me. I completely agree that a great majority of privileged and white Americans are separated from and oblivious to the racism that is still so very alive in this country. I'm saying they shouldn't be. Everyone should be paying attention because it MATTERS. I'm typing this on my phone btw. Sorry if there's any mistakes.
  8. I feel no sympathy. I'm just glad he's finally graduated from twitter beefs to something more...real.
  9. I don't bring up slavery when issues involving race arise, but see...When I was a kid, maybe like 10 years old and my best friend across the street (who was a black boy) gets told by his grandparents not to trust me or my brother because we're white, it makes me livid that in some people's eyes, everyone who is white is responsible for the inequalities they've faced in their lifetime. Not just the individuals. There's no other way to slice and dice it, THAT was racism. At my age now, I simply won't accept treatment like that. If someone sees me and thinks they can't trust me just because I'm white, they need to reevaluate the chip on their shoulder and realize that I am not the person who gave it to them. Get to know me before you assume that I'm bigoted, please Beyond all of that, it just makes me sad that people do live in a world where they feel they have to watch their backs or be weary of anyone whose pigmentation happens to be light, even weary of children. And the idea (White lack of concern, not out of racist notions/ideas) that Roman brought up is such a flawed mentality. When people are trying to coexist in a society where racism exists, it does apply to everyone. Everyone is impacted. For example, if your coworker is victim of racism in the office by a white man, and you happen to be white, that coworker who is a minority (rightfully) would probably be weary of everyone else in the office who is white, because of the views of that one person -- who can you trust? You have to defend yourself. See where I'm going with that? It does impact everyone. We all should care about the issue of racism because it does exist and it is a problem -- even if you are not a victim of it yourself. Subtle racism is the biggest form I see today, and it's just as big of a problem. Not every white person is apathetic (or blind) about race issues. I'll just leave it at that.
  10. Going to see it tomorrow! I don't care how tall he is, tbh. It won't matter when he's laying in my bed.
  11. We've progressed past (some) issues we had as a people before, but we've developed all new ones along the way. THAT is not progress enough. It doesn't surprise me either. I read these stories and think to myself, "Meh. Just another day's news."
  12. "And if we've come a long way, I suspect it sideways, further from our origin. No closer to our destination..." So, yes I've seen people who are legitimately convinced that there is a zombie outbreak and the guy in Miami was a government experiment. People just don't get that drugs and chemicals can have a ridiculous affect on your brain. Especially PCP. I've read so many crazy stories about people on it...google some stories, you'll find some great ones. There's one where this guy cut his own face off and fed it to his dog. Another story about a guy who ate his son's eye or something. The list goes on... Barf.
  13. Wait...and this too. Y'all are NO damn good : ((((
  14. I DIED @ that first .gif! Janet's job was to get more people to buy Nutrisystem, and it looks like it worked...
  15. If this ain't the same damn place they went to last year Someone tell celebrities that dressing in bulky clothes, hat, and sunglasses really don't make you that inconspicuous, not when it's obviously WARM out lol.
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