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  1. not random most r and b compilations were reduced to 4.99
  2. Didnt know where to post this https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/2018/02/14/copyright-giant-sues-springfields-galloway-station-playing-songs-janet-jackson-others/319427002/
  3. But on another not , The love for Janet on that day was unprecedented The number of verified accounts from all walks of life that shared stories about janets music and influence was astonishing. I wish someone cateloged them . I just really hope someone around Janet read those tweets to her. Hope she really known that she is loved not just in the states but Worldwide. - Its important for Our Legends and Icons to know whilst they are still alive with us how much we love and appreciate them. p.s i think we should trend another JANET APPRECIATION DAY on her birthday , it will help detach our appreciation for her from the superbowl stigma
  4. this is just amazing . hope janet is seeing all this love
  5. only thing janet is going to be on is wissam . Stop getting your hopes up
  6. You know something quite interesting , I decided to just give up on commenting of Janets career decsions after the europde dates were cancelled and fans were always being attacked for "disagreeing" with her approach this ERA. . They were told to shut and be grateful for an ERA no one thought we would even get in the first place. What i aways found amusing though is that fans that lived in the states mostly were always harshest at fans in Europe for being mad at janet for the lack of promotion . What they didnt get is that I , like most fans that were following ticket sales in the tour section of janet.club could see that the tour dates were going to be cancelled . It really wasnt rocket science , I really have no idea what she and her team were thinking , They probably over estimated her her demand , or mistook her for michael jackson . Her music has barely been played on international airwaves since ALL FOR YOU and to some extent Call on Me . On top of that Janet is rarely in the public eye . She is black and over 45 in a very racist and ageist industry . Her return one of the biggest music markets in the world to tour was commerated was by LYIIN IN BED TAKING SELFIE VIDEOS . When ticket sales were colder than antartica . No appearance on any show, no performance , NOTHING ! As if Live nation was going ti let her perform in half empty arenas. Laughable indeed . While we are at it , can we ADMIT , how Nobody outside the fanbase thought BURN IT UP was a hot song . I mean I tried but KITY CATT MEOW MEOW not so cute on a song by two very mature women
  7. good , at least burn it up is charting somewhere
  8. It was well attendend, but not sold out . And the setup she used is for capacity of 16,000. she used end stage 2 https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/e/facility.html Those who bought tickets selected them from this setup. Madonna is also playing two dates there almost same setup
  9. the setup janet went for is taking 16,000 . The arena has many setups
  10. YASSSS!!. he hit those moves with perfect precision . And he is not even a dance. What the hell was going on with ciara
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