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  1. they probably were trying to get katherine from whomever ..but what a damn failed plan it was.. i mean you had three years to plan this and you came up with this .Janet baby why didnt you avoid this like you usually do .Randy is a dead beat with nothing to loose ....you other other hand have alot to lose.the press has been waiting for you to misstep since the superbowl and you Just gave them a free pass.
  2. this means that the police can charge them for kidnapping , but that was Just wrong what Janet and co did , because either they are lying or their mother is lying and with the sworn statement ..its looking like the kids
  3. http://keepthis100.com/new-music-mariah-carey-ft-rick-ross-meek-mill-triumphant-get-em-full-song/?utm_campaign=blog&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=tweet
  4. Shit gets real when a family member is requesting that..yet they are going to blame the estate again
  5. Wow Reyna you held it down !! .I stayed away form here because i knew it was going to be "MJ KID BASHING" the estate is evil mess..lol
  6. hmmm ..lupe hope you were this mad at bush or the GOP
  7. i wonder whats going to be on the deluxe released next week hmmm
  8. Idrag4brabra you better pm the download link i cant find one Also from the stream the album is not the best thing ever like people are making it out to be his mixtape was much much better but i think this has better production obviously and i havent read the lyrics but it is probably lyrically impeccable i am sure its a grower i have forest gump pink matter sweet life rich kids stuck in my headthough
  9. BODMAS .always take that rule into consideration Bracket OF Division Multiplication , Addition and subtraction
  10. I just say we all just move on and if it ever happens it happens ..because it seems unlikely
  11. Oh and by the way lady gaga has admitted that shes bisexual . Anyway this is really ground breaking not to mention how beautiful this letter was. It made me almost want to believe in love
  12. don't know why i am even commenting .But his either Bisexual or straight . But with that i am sick of sexual orientation always being all that is news
  13. havent even finished watching it and I am tearing up damn you shemar moore
  14. it may be surprise hit you never know all i do know is this will sound very good in my car
  15. They gave out prince tickets? i thought he was a touring force in egypt
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