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  1. i am not ashamed of my age i just don't think its necessary . I mean i don't know your age neither do i think about it
  2. lol i guess it jut proves how international kylie is right
  3. Good lord dont let this man die i can see the right ringed and christian fundies attributing it to his sexuality
  4. so wait they did the tribute but it wasn't televised of they just pulled plug on it all together
  5. the most unnecessary coming out in the history of coming out . Everybody who bothers to google him knows he was not in neither did he ever hide it
  6. http://hollywoodleek.com/2012/05/rihannas-acting-also-auto-tuned-by-charlotte-penn/ :dead:
  7. Idrag4mj

    One Direction

    Hilarious are they like real?
  8. Idrag4mj

    One Direction

    LMAOO where is this gif from and what is he saying
  9. that was disrespectful to Donna .i hope another award show does her right
  10. saw my wife did that ??? at least learn to phrase it correctly
  11. Jordin did that damn thing ..Yes a few flat notes in the beginning but she recovered and soared like a pro!!
  12. I am not younger than 19 ..there goes your answer .
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