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  1. LOL oh ok I do like strong men I have been fortunate enough to date and be with some... currently with one now I just thought the guy was cute I mean he could be my bottom I just wouldn't expect for him to be able to help me in a fight lol see I try to be nice and u pull me right back in lol...
  2. Nothing its not cool to have all this MJ shit on the board when he has his official thread.
  3. This should be in the official MJ thread u keep spamming the forum with his shit.
  4. This should be in the official MJ thread u keep spamming the forum with his shit.
  5. You cant compare them honestly I'm tired of people pitting strong black men up against each other its room for everyone. Both are pioneers these two men have nothing to be ashamed of lets just call it a draw.
  6. But false advertisement could ruin the janet brand... we cant have a parade of bland bitches claiming to look like janet I mean really
  7. I dont have time to be a fake fuck. I didn't like her anyway so if I made her uncomfortable it was an added bonus She turned me off with her snobbish attitude anyway once she said the janet thing I was done
  8. He spent the night we fucked and got back together. In his eyes we weren't broken up he figured I was just talking shit and needed time to cool off.
  9. I don't mean to laugh so hard sometimes... She was devastated... she even has a picture of janet in her pic gallery on facebook :lmao:
  10. My boyfriend is friends with this chick that likes him... she doesn't know about him yet. So we sitting at this restaurant and she asked me... If I noticed that she resembles a famous person... I said no... who... Mind you chick looks like J hud (before weight loss) mixed with khia.... ( kept those thoughts to myself) She said in a confident tone "janet jackson". :lmao: Now I laughed so hard that my boyfriend got mad at me... but honestly I couldn't hold it in I thought she was joking He said the way I laughed he had to turn his head because it looked as if she was about to cry
  11. ok and? I don't care if a guy can fight I just care if he cute. Not everyone know how to fight which is sad but a reality. My father a cop and my brother (jail bird) made sure I knew how to beat the shit out of people... anyway you don't think he was cute? lol
  12. Hes cute the dude that got beat up. Aww I would take care of his wounds. Fighting a gay guy can be unpredictable u gotta come with your A game and not underestimate anyone. I store alot of pent up anger and aggression just for these situations.
  13. The trailer looks amazing I hope janet doesn't release anything in 2012 because Cassie about to shut the game down and would quickly overshadow Janet... Cassie has proven she can work the stage like no other vets like Janet , Prince and beyonce could learn some things from cassie. I'm glad the wait is finally over because millions of people from around the world have been waiting for a follow up cassie album.
  14. Well he just bought the truck and I just had to do it since its one of my fantasies Be a slut for ur man or someone else will
  15. Yeah but I talk about classy things like getting fucked in the six flags parking lot and stuff... so theres a difference
  16. What a vampish bitch always sucking the life force from the younger cunts.
  17. Are u serious I don't like her but I know who she is you mean to tell me up until 2008 you didn't know who madonna was? WOW and u a DJ so thats even more strange... Its better to fight solo some people can become a liability in the long run
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