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  1. Do we know how long the M&G go for? I have one for August but I understand they’re really probably really fast so I want to prepare what I want to say to her properly
  2. Got my tickets for the 14th I’m so excited! (No pun intended)
  3. Has anyone received the code for pre sale tomorrow? I haven’t got anything yet
  4. Yep sold out! Hopefully they’ll re stock.
  5. Hopefully this will be the start of all her albums getting the re release treatment
  6. Also In normal black https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Pre-Orders/Control/64DV0JXN000
  7. Hey not sure if this has been posted. Control red vynil on sale here https://www.difymusic.com/vinyles/vinyle/vinyle-janet-jackson-control it took me ages to figure out with the translation but got it in the end
  8. At least 3-4 new songs would be good too. I’m aware it’s a Vegas residency so there’s going to be a lot of “casual” fans expecting hits who won’t appreciate the new music.
  9. Less is more for me. I’d prefer FULL versions of songs opposed to 1 minute of each song we’ve been getting the last few tours. I get she has such a huge catalogue, but I think doing medleys takes away from the songs to begin with.
  10. I’ve just emailed Ticketmaster but I fear I’ve left it super late. Hopefully she ads more dates but unlikely
  11. Thanks all! The M&G package should be an option on this page right? If it's not there it's most likely sold out? I had a look at the BVP tickets but they're not showing any M&G. Damn!
  12. I was looking at August 9 (second last show) :
  13. Hey all, Is anyone able to tell me whether or not the M&G packages for Vegas have sold out? I've been tossing and turning as to purchase one or not, I fear I might have left it too late? I've been on the ticketmaster website but can't figure it out. thanks heaps!
  14. Am I the only one who thinks this is a good career move? If she plays her cards right this could be exactly what she needs to get her back into the good books with the american public
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