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  1. just came in here to see happy birthday to the queen
  2. I'm powering through Money Heist.
  3. Towards the 5 o'clock hour DNICE dropped that's the way love goes. MC Lyte comments - let me try to get Janet in the club! And Janet comes on and now he is doing a Janet medley giving the queen her FLOWERS! DNice on IG live. It's going up!
  4. Did you have good seats? I'm trying to figure out what a good seat means in that theatre.
  5. I got that party - sorry. I meant the "same goes for Empty" part.
  6. Anybody happening to be going this weekend? Particularly Friday?
  7. So I'm trying to pin down a date to go see the show in Vegas. Does anyone know how one can get a meet and greet ticket or is it too late?
  8. I love that she said "Im a little fucked up right now"
  9. So I've been trying to figure out when Im checking out this show and good grief these tickets are high affff.
  10. I watched this this evening and I give it 2/5. I was at the show Weekend 1 and got to experience it in its granduer. The two stars is that it does get to zoom in on the masterful choreography details. This is mostly a Beyonce hype piece that showcases the entirety (or at least almost the entirety - if not the whole) of her Coachella performances spliced together. I have never cared for how she insists on splicing her concert footage with so many angles and with so much happening at once during this particular performance, I think it does a disservice to the energy and effort in order to highlight intricate details. We learn that it took approximately 4 months to create the music and 4 months to rehearse the dancing. That Beyonce was 200+ pounds when she gave birth and that she eventually wanted to work her way up to do SoulCycle, stairs, and rehearsals in a day. She had a difficult pregnancy. She always wanted to go to an HBCU, like her father did, and this was her tribute to the experience. However, we don't see routines coming together, compositions being created, research being done, any imperfections that are being tweaked. She could've did so much more with the time. It lacked a depth to it. Not a compelling watch.
  11. Yes the cruise has been a big deal for yearrssss. I wonder if Janet was just like chilling on the boat the whole time or did she like helicopter in? AHHHHH FOMO!
  12. I disagree! AFY was litty and legendary. From the moment she descends for Come on Get Up to that damn jean and long sleeve white crop top. Moments! Moments! I thought the more tamer later shows was due of lack of label support. She is still hitting the moves. I was right by the stage for the golden circle for the RWU tour. I wore myself out. I think I slept the whole next day. Skipped class and everything lol.
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