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  1. Towards the 5 o'clock hour DNICE dropped that's the way love goes. MC Lyte comments - let me try to get Janet in the club!

    And Janet comes on and now he is doing a Janet medley giving the queen her FLOWERS!

    DNice on IG live.  It's going up!

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  2. 15 hours ago, Rock & Roll Hall of Game said:

    MFM across the board bc Janet co-wrote and co-produced it with Harmony & Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis 

    RWU “made before it’s time” is an inside joke between us JanFam. It has no real meaning behind it except “it shouldn’t have been released as a single”

    Same goes for Empty.. except Empty is actually classic Janet and RWU is some knock off walmart Janet

    What does this line mean? 

  3. I watched this this evening and I give it 2/5.  I was at the show Weekend 1 and got to experience it in its granduer. The two stars is that it does get to zoom in on the masterful choreography details.

    This is mostly a Beyonce hype piece that showcases the entirety (or at least almost the entirety - if not the whole) of her Coachella performances spliced together.  I have never cared for how she insists on splicing her concert footage with so many angles and with so much happening at once during this particular performance, I think it does a disservice to the energy and effort in order to highlight intricate details.

    We learn that it took approximately 4 months to create the music and 4 months to rehearse the dancing.  That Beyonce was 200+ pounds when she gave birth and that she eventually wanted to work her way up to do SoulCycle, stairs, and rehearsals in a day. She had a difficult pregnancy. She always wanted to go to an HBCU, like her father did, and this was her tribute to the experience.

    However, we don't see routines coming together, compositions being created, research being done, any imperfections that are being tweaked.  She could've did so much more with the time. It lacked a depth to it.  Not a compelling watch. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, jarrylf said:

    The tickets were already sold out when they announced her, in fact for this 1 in particular it's been sold out for a year I think.

    Yes the cruise has been a big deal for yearrssss.

    I wonder if Janet was just like chilling on the boat the whole time or did she like helicopter in? AHHHHH FOMO!

  5. 3 minutes ago, Lenzo88 said:

    Honestly, the AFY tour was such a downgrade from TVR tour!!! Not bad by any means, but only because that tour set the bar SOOOOO high in terms of theatrics and production that Janet has yet to top it....and really doesn’t need to. The RWU tour came VERY close to beating it but it was soooo short lived and over time, Janet couldn’t commit to such an elaborate and lengthy show at her age at the time. Metamorphosis could be the show that brings her back to that level of visuals and production, as long as she doesn’t overdo it! Pace yourself momma! You have nothing more to prove! You still got it! Don’t try so hard and just do Janet! 😎🙂👍

    I disagree! AFY was litty and legendary. From the moment she descends for Come on Get Up to that damn jean and long sleeve white crop top. Moments! Moments!

    I thought the more tamer later shows was due of lack of label support.  She is still hitting the moves.

    I was right by the stage for the golden circle for the RWU tour. I wore myself out. I think I slept the whole next day. Skipped class and everything lol. 

  6. 13 hours ago, jinthahouse said:

    I honestly miss being excited to see what she was going to do next on her tours what Grammy level extreme choreo she is going to whip out on her next tour. How it will sound like in which she can contain elements or a sample of an old song.

    I miss being this awed and shocked of her performing new songs IN AND ONLY IN their respective eras:-

    And sometimes you could change the concept with older songs but not the choreo

    And sometimes you could change the choreo and not the concept with older songs

    Or just gut both concept and choreo and make it a new remixed song with new choreo and concept.


    Who was the creative director for the AFY tour? Was it Shawnette? 

  7. 15 hours ago, Rock & Roll Hall of Game said:

    Homosexuality runs in the black community and to ignore us and compare us to “abandoners” and toxic masculinity, the same masculinity that killed him, shows what kind of person he was 

    Thank goodness there are real black male celebrities changing the landscape (Dwayne Wade) while making a difference


    He didn't ignore homosexuals nor compare homosexuals to abandoners or toxic masculinity.  That's my point.

  8. On 4/9/2019 at 8:17 AM, Aquaria said:

    Well, he listed homosexuals with "hyper violent" and "abandoners"... it's pretty clear he did not think of homosexuality in a positive light or else he wouldn't have taken issue with the "agenda" of their representation. I don't really buy his explanation afterward. It's pretty cut and dry homophobia.  

    Difference of thought.  I think he listed the types of African-American men on portrayed in the media. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Game For Now said:

    You’re smart? :umm:  It’s homophobic to pretend/blame gay black men on the downfall of the black community. Yo pit gays on the same level as violence and “abandoners” and then pretend there’s a homosexual agenda (paranoia/conspiracy theory).

    That’s not acceptance or equality. That’s homophobic rhetoric and toxic masculinity.. which ironically killed him 🤷🏾‍♂️

    You continually put words in his mouth that he did not say. He even addressed this for those who like to bypass logic in his tweet to Deray when he said "I don't look down on gay people I love all Gods children foreal." [sic - where necessary].  Homophobia is the dislike or prejudice against gay people.  He never said that he disliked gay people, he actually clarified stating the opposite of this.

    Now, to the actual image, if you look at the language of the post that got everyone riled up - his address is to the portrayal of (black) men in pop culture. Never once did he pretend nor blame that gay black men on the downfall of the black community.  He simply addressed that a certain image of (black) men was often left out by the [media]. There has been numerous of well-researched articles on the lack of depth in images of black characters - not just black men.  Deray alludes to such lack of imagery in his quoted retort. Furthermore, he never "puts gays on the same level" as anything but lists the type of portrayals that he has seen more often. The fact that you, Deray and others chose to look down upon certain men that fit into certain categories while requesting that everyone uplift the gay plight - is interesting, to say the least!

    Then to tie this back to his agenda message, Nipsey believes that preventing or limiting how (black) men are portrayed is part of an agenda. 

    Now, where is the homophobia? 

    You can disagree that there is an agenda. But homophobic - based solely of the things you just most recently posted? Nah! 

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