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  1. The last movie I watched was US, which I saw opening night. I would give it an A-. I wish it had a tad bit more dialogue but I will hand Lupita her things for her acting!
  2. A life ending prematurely is enough to mourn about whether you agree with their principles or not. While you may not agree with some of his instances, Nipsey also did a world of good in the Los Angeles community to help progress the working class African-Americans that are often overlooked, to bring pride to an area that has been downtrodden, and was attempting to garner peace and a reduction in gang violence and an improvement in police and community interactions. RIP Nip.
  3. I need to round up my crew and get on this!
  4. I think Rhythm Nation is a better album but I don't frequently bop to it. I listen to a song from Damita Jo frequently though. I can't really say I ever get in the car and am like let me hit play on Rhythm Nation 1814. Not that kind of driver lol
  5. I like this. My favorites have shifted a bit as I have matured, experienced life, etc. and I'm only going to do the 9 starting with control. 1. The Velvet Rope (No skips. But favorites in no particular order are Empty, Rope Burn, You, and Got Til It's Gone, and I Get Lonely. Whole album) 2. All For You (almost no skips. Come on Get Up, China Love, Someone to Call my Lover, Trust a Try) (song to skip: Love Scene) 3. Damita Jo (Like You Don't Love Me, Truly, I Want You (which I abhorred when I was younger)) (song to skip: Moist) 4. Rhythm Nation (Escapade, Love Will Never Do, Miss You Much) (song to Skip: Lonely) 5. 20 Y.O. (This Body, Take Care, Love2Love, Roll Witchu, Daybreak) (song to skip: Call on Me, Enjoy) 6. Discipline (Curtains, LUV, Rollercoaster) (songs to skip: Never Letchu Go) 7. janet (You Want This, Any Time, Any Place, That's the Way Love Goes, If) (Skip: 18-28 with the exception of Anytime, Anyplace) 8. Control (Let's Wait A While, Funny How Time Flies) 9. Unbreakable. But only because I've had less time to live with it than her other albums. Less moments to tie to songs but I love the album. My favorite Janet Jackson song of all time though is Runaway.
  6. I came back and was like damn the forum has disbanded! I wanted to meet up with JanFam in Columbia but I honestly didn't even get to Columbia until about 7:51 with wheels spinning and steaming! Phew!
  7. I was in Columbia as well. Right next to the stage right. Saw Gil and her Trainer which was fun. I had a time. I really felt as though this tour was the best one of the last 3.
  8. As the new youngest person in this thread - age matters in the fact that I'm not interested in dating someone I have to wonder about if they're old enough to get into an establishment but nor am I interested in dating someone too old to where I have to worry about if they can keep up!
  9. Im thinking I might need to be in the building for it!
  10. Wouldn't be the first racist thing the NFL has done. Wouldn't be the first shady act Justin has done. Wouldn't be the first opportunistic move by Jay-Z.
  11. Was so sad when I heard she went to the concert. She was down the street from me twice last month and I missed her both times. UGHHHH
  12. I'd pay $500 if I was maybe in the first 5 rows or so but V is like what row 24 or 25? Tuh. I don't do anything but first several rows floor seats because last Janet concert I was in like row 8 but this big 6'8 guy was in front of me the whole time so I had to really move to try and see. Seems like I'm better trying to gun for that side stage.
  13. Is it more worth it to just do standard admission. I just test runned Atlanta and the VIP packages were giving me like row v for $500 and I cannot sit in row v for half a stack.
  14. For the older members of this forum - has weed always been this popular? Im trying to pinpoint when it transcended.
  15. Umm what? We haven't even tore the city down yet. I hope to be attending both the Los Angeles and Atlanta dates.
  16. I've been and also been to New Orleans for non-mardi gras as well. It is quite fun. As you mentioned, you can go to New Orleans and just eat the amazing food and be content with your life. (Although, you can probably do this on a non-mardi gras - weekend and save yourself money on travel expenses). But Mardi Gras, you will never see as many people on Bourbon street and you will see a lot of flashing but it surprisingly wasn't as much as I thought - perhaps because I was more focused on my own turn up. During the day there are a ton of parades that you can go to to take in the culture. I mean it's a lot of fun. I would recommend a trip to New Orleans always!
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