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  1. I think I vaguely remember him telling me he was enrolling in my school but I never met him. On second thought: maybe his name was janetsgoodboi. Ugh.. I'm getting old.
  2. How?!!! Also -- you need a date?!
  3. My thinking is that these won't be available until Friday to give her fans the best chance at getting them because I was on at 10 a.m. with cards in hand READY ok!
  4. Will be at the Atlanta show. Trying to get those PIT SEATS!!!
  6. First: Mario (South Carolina, 2006 I want to say) Last: Jazmine Sullivan ft. Jordan Bratton (April 18, 2015 in NYC)
  7. This sounds like another one of her songs.. that didn't chart well. I guess if it isn't working.. don't fix it? I hope it's better than this teaser though.
  8. Nicki still got the GUHLS PRESSED! *listens to the Pink Print*
  9. Oh good! Pardon me. I'm just waking up. My senses aren't all the way there yet.
  10. "I'm not saying music should be free. I'm saying music should be free-er." -- M.I.A.
  11. I would not call neither of them two of the biggest acts in music even though I fux with b-rocka heavy.
  12. Runaway was playing at this vegan sushi place in midtown NYC.
  13. I find myself randomly creating my own ab-libs to this song. I wish it had a video.
  14. Loved it since I first heard it!
  15. Tonight was playing in Whole Foods tonight in Manhattan.
  16. That snap might would be enough to get me to watch their show because I'd be so here for it.
  17. Yet, you were the one who was pressed about their ticket sales.
  18. Seeing this transpire live was a perfect way to spend my do nothing President's Day. Sometimes you just have to letitgo and this is indeed one instance when Khloe should've just perched because she was not ready for Amber's South Philly cross-generational weave snatching that came. #dontpanic
  19. Instagram search for the hashtag BetweenTheSheets and get your life.
  20. I don't know if you can buy love - but it can make it easier to find love.
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