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  1. I actually think releasing this mixtape for purchase before his actual album was a smart move. Right now the anticipation for music in the hip hop spectrum is at an all time high with imminent releases from Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar all on the horizon and potential releases from artist like frank ocean and Party Next Door who can all release singles at any time and take away any single that he may release to gain attention for Views From The 6 -- not to mention any other artist who may be having songs coming out. By releasing a full fledged have to pay to hear mixtape (unless you download illegally of course) he capitalizes on the anticipation of new music and also sets himself apart from the rest of the pack by delivering 17 songs that people can listen to and dissect which will take precedence over other new material. In the excitement, he can also remind people that Views From The 6 is on the way! The mixtape has long ago evolved from being a means to get someone names out and this is just one of the ways. In fact, remember that Drake's So Far Gone mixtape was made into an EP that was sold more than a year after it was released! As far the mixtape. There's a lot of pretty hot songs on there. Definitely worth the listen. I have a few on repeat definitely like Company, featuring one of my favorite artist Travis Scott -- 6 Man with it's ending ode to his friend Erykah Badu -- and 10 Bands with his raucous in the streets vibe -- but also his more vulnerable tracks like You and the 6 which is dedicated to his mother. Definitely worth the buy.
  2. The above picture looks like a picture taken before the show even started. I've been to plenty of shows where even at the beginning of the show before the headliner came on it was damn near empty. The photos that I've seen from Instagram have all been packed. I looked into attending their show they had here tonight but tickets ranged from $85 - $500+ and were almost sold out except for some $85 seats for the worst in the house or some $350 semi decent ones and I just could not justify spending that amount to see Chris and Tyga with such seating arrangement.
  3. I already stated that according to Bobbi's attorneys they weren't legally married. However, if she was to have drawn up a will of her own and left the money to her "husband" then that can be a huge windfall. I think at this point she's actually only received a a small portion of her inheritance. However, the money is not what's more important here -- it is this girl's life, stability, and well-being. The fact that some guy who was accused of drugging his own girlfriend is the one who found her is bizarre because it's like wtf was he doing in her bathroom? I hope she recovers and seeks direction from her beliefs and moral system and comes back stronger than ever.
  4. According to Bobby's attorney -- Bobbi Kristina is not legally married.
  5. But it's not the anniversary of her death. That's still more than week away. It's eerie because how does this happen twice - and there is some same suspects in the scenario who have an ulterior motive.
  6. Jesus. The timing of this is so eerie. Not because of the anniversary of Whitney's death but because she just married that boy -- and if she passes - which God forbid she doesn't - assuming that she doesn't have a will like most 20 somethings don't -- then he will inherit all of her $$$$.
  7. The acting and directing was cool. It was just kind of boring.
  8. I'm sure she didn't feel any type of way. She's been in the game for a lot of years. She knows how the game works. Also, I didn't get why everyone made a big deal of it being Amy and Tina's last year hosting -- like they couldn't be asked to host again next year or something?
  9. I just hope it's more like her VR, AFY, or RWU tours and less like her last tour.
  10. I didn't see it but I suppose I would be annoyed by it.
  11. I know your intent was complimentary but this is indeed one of my pet peeves when someone says this.
  12. The HBO thing definitely help. Like I remember being a little boy like long before I knew who a Janet Jackson really was or ANYTHING about what was on the Velvet Rope album and seeing that promo'd on HBO so much that I use to play on my skates outside and say I was performing The Velvet Rope. But I also think in terms of production and things like that - it was so next level. It really set the ground for future female entertainers. Also for a lot of people it was the first time really seeing someone bring up an audience member and be sexually suggestive with them which is now a common theme among concert shows. So I think for it's groundbreaking and award winning nature -- it is a favorite among both fans and non-fans alike
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