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  1. ROC!!!!! haha whats up! I have been good. just wanted to see if the ole gang was still around....which I forgot most and others I have on facebook
  2. loved it...simple.....and of course her attitude.........she slayed!
  3. On the Yahoo home page they posted a pic of her and she is starting to look like Joan Rivers
  4. for a brief moment I thought the middle 2 were JLo and Khloe Kardashian
  5. *walks in* *sees no Spice Girls* *goes back to hiding*
  6. I havent seen the reunion...........but I know Drita goes after Karen...........and seeing Big Ang..RIP
  7. no presents this year....I am just cooking and that is it!
  8. With the HUGE success of Patti LeBelle Sweet Potato Pies we now bring you Keyshia CasserColes!
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