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  1. something to look forward to, it's always a reason for me to smile thinking Janet is still out here active in entertainment, and it excites me!
  2. I can't wait ......it looks so damn good
  3. Lizzo stirred up some ole tea concerning two women we know that's how little I wanted to say about this thus no link no press, cause leave it alone.
  4. when I tell you in Detroit they have advertising everywhere ! man they representing for a sis
  5. missing Janet churl where you at? come thru good sis
  6. placing all 4 of those artists firmly into a unique category really sends the message of how important their music was
  7. Janet Jackson on Prince: "We were never best friends, but we knew each other..." ~ ~ TOYA'Z WORLD ~ (toyazworldblog.net) Never saw this!
  8. those pieces are so much more intricate up close than I recall back then
  9. Kim Kardashian bought the "If' outfit Kim Kardashian Buys Janet Jackson's "If" Video Outfit for $25K (harpersbazaar.com)
  10. Janet has no fucks to give, and she's probably thinking here we go again. This moment derailed an otherwise flawless career
  11. I have a final tomorrow morning, so I had to make a sacrifice
  12. originally they suggested Janet wear a dress for the video but they put her in jeans as we know, I remember Janet talking about it because she's a tomboy at heart, didn't want to wear a dress, but no mention of wedding dress for the video
  13. gurl, let me clap for ya, cause .....I can't and won't that dress chile she did go with her natural hair it looks though
  14. Oh I'm doing it all now baby
  15. It was recorded as I recall, back in the day there was some discussion that it was supposed to air. Janet performed two concerts at Radio City Music Hall to benefit the Rwandan crisis. The shows were also recorded for a television special which never aired. The concert special was directed and filmed by her then husband Rene Elizondo, Jr.
  16. let that dragging "rock on" JT is catching hell. Of course Janet could care less to be bothered.
  17. I dont think the debate is dvd, it's seeing the tour cleaned up, audio on point, visuals clear and properly edited. Stream, DVD, projection screen, a damn Vintage 1980s 3D VIEW MASTER
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