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  1. ....are they officially retired? Cause can any of us name a song or something they have done on a record for someone recently? I just hate to see my niggas not in the game anymore, I mean no more Jimmy and his piano arrangements, hell you hardly saw Terry do interviews much anymore you would see Jimmy alot, but on the real ima raise my cup to them they made some of the hottest tracks to come my ears way over the years ya'll do the damn thang, if anything they should be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame too, induct them with Janet fuck it
  2. ......are here, cause think about it? how many faces do we know up in this bitch? I mean being here does it seperate fake bitches from the real ones? Cause we here, "Dear GOd we might be ugly but wes here"
  3. God damn its moe talk in here about Beyonce than niggas wit Turkeys in da oven this the shit that makes me almost want to "like" Beyonce on my facebook page, but damn dat and all the lace fronts in Hollywood
  4. im scared den a muthafucka she gotta be able to see me first and with all that cake I dont see dat happening soon, but Pie Pie knows I luvs me sum her so smooches on both cheeks for her
  5. God Damn!!!! str8 up??? wetting dat tang? well it do what it do he is sexy tho
  6. waaaaaaayyyyyy too much make-up, "maybe its her , hell maybe it IS Maybeline tho? Hell if I know tho
  7. I gotta go take a shit first brb
  8. I just threw up in muh mouth a lil bit
  9. ewwwww nigga *fail* .... BOOM get out
  10. Im holding me down gurl I got food to cook turkeys to bast, pies to buy from da store
  11. ....is muh shit album bitches....GOOD MORN...ting.......
  12. the only track i know is "Work" and thats the Freemason remix
  13. you betta sang bitch like Why Did I get Married ...."i caught that...mmmmhmmm ....I did too"
  14. im sorry but im totally gay enough for this
  15. I figured this shit out, Beyonce is "their" Janet.....ugh....so anywho all these damn commercials about her concert special on Thanksgiving night, I watched her on Nightline last night and she took a camera and was busy crying saying why did God give me my talent, why did God give me my family, Im like girl take a xanax
  16. Bailey

    My Ex Thread

    I JUST got off the phone with them its new you can access it under you sprint.com account under permissions, it actually has a place now where you can put a number in and save it and that number cannot call you and you cannot call it I dont know what the message is when you do call it tho
  17. Bailey

    My Ex Thread

    next step is me working on my self esteem issues which is where all this shit came from, I dont mind being open about things obviliously so i have a certain friend I see once a week for an hour and I talk they listen, in any case they told me because i had a bad relationship with my father i chose emotionally unavailable men because im still trying to win that approval i didnt get, ok cue the violin, point is im working on me, what I want, being assertive, I was not assertive with Brian he would tell me its all about him basically and you leave it or take it...im out
  18. Bailey

    My Ex Thread

    ok folks its done, blocked on my emails blocked on my phone and guess what sprint just added a new feature as of 11/17 you can now block certain numbers from calling you or you calling them! Its not just block texts anymore!!!!.......that bitch is GONE like da dust he is nasty fucking bitch
  19. Bailey

    My Ex Thread

    um because men are men and the sex was good thats about the only thing keeping me hooked
  20. Bailey

    My Ex Thread

    bitch what? :0 the emotional damage was harder i think, because physical wounds can heal faster than emotional damage.
  21. Bailey

    My Ex Thread

    can i tell a secret here, because it should not be known to him, however lets just say i got some revenge on him real good
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