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  1. If you're talking to her "team" I would say Jimmy is the best bet, he listens and he has her ear. I'm not saying Jimmy will respond, but he's accessible enough to get the message. I think he does Twitter enough to go there.
  2. the videos, especially coming from a solid visual artist is a no brainer, that should absolutely be done ASAP. I'm trying to figure out why the RN short film wasn't given the HD treatment, "The Knowledge" knocks! I wonder where the heck the stomps, claps, and the hos from the intro to RN went on the clean up? The certifications, not sure how much they cost, but she can do better overall.
  3. The Mariah comparisons yep. Mariah loves the spotlight. They should clean up her video collection because as rightly stated, her videos are these visual extravaganzas, very well put together and enjoyable to watch.
  4. I spot some truths It would be great that Janet's numbers were accurate, it would, I noticed recently her net worth has been updated to 190 million. As a hard core fan for decades now, it sucks, it sucks that she's not more celebrated and respected, it sucks that she's not a chart topper anymore, and it sucks that her legacy doesn't shine as bright as it deserves. I don't think we will see the 90's again, when everything was better than it is now. Janet said once in an interview, that you can't stay up up up forever
  5. depends on the safety and rollout of a vaccine. Right now we are ALL in a wait and see stage. What we know so far is this, there's a few vaccines, only a select few have gotten them. We don't know if those vaccines will be effective across the board. We do know that not every country has the resources nor effective plans in place (USA ) Its really a wait and see game at this point, the rest would just be speculation.
  6. let's try to look at what she can do to engage her fans, and thats if she wants to. Let's say her sales were recertified, is that going to do much for her status as a private person in the entertainment world?
  7. Her numbers would only be bragging rights now. Dating as far back as the RN album, people would bootleg copies on cassette. The issue with recertification, is money. It costs money to recalculate sales, and in Janet's case if she got paid via contract to put out albums, as she did, then it may not be an interest for Janet nor her team to count what's not been counted. Janet wouldn't get more money neither would her record companies but they would lose money.
  8. just saw WW 1984, chile 1. Since when did she fly? I dont care if her golden lasso can catch lightning, gurl bye 2. Barbara, gurl I get wanting to be someone hot and powerful, but the transition to being an animal, ummm how ,why? 3. Is it me or did the world just go to hell in less than 30 minutes with no questions asked like ummm okay I can't give it more than a B- sorry
  9. I guess, let the white chick just be great, some of her stuff is like crack, its not good for you, but it feels good .....so I hear
  10. I'm all about my old school jams. So I started watching Unsung episodes SWV ....damn they could sang Unsung - SWV - video Dailymotion Alexander Oneal and Cherelle, Jimmy and Terry made some dammmnnnn good songs for them Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle - TV One Unsung - YouTube
  11. dude put himself out there like come thru sis you get kudos for that
  12. chile ya'll got to have fun with the stuff , Taylor Swift has the top selling album of the year and she sold 2 million copies WW. Of course no one is moving 5 million units
  13. the batter has zero lumps, so it looks good, maybe she can cook 4 more for my brothers I havent cooked in forever
  14. even yo dreams fucked up you forgot album of the year at the Grammys and Best Female Pop vocal Grammy
  15. people I know in healthcare are saying they wouldn't even take it, because it's not been properly tested, vaccines take years to go through proper vetting, now they are saying you may have to have two shots, which is not unheard of. Basically those that would take the vaccine would be guinea pigs If the virus mutates, a vaccine may not be effective, and that's also not unheard of. I will say let's hope they do have an effective vaccine and it does come fast.
  16. but everything else in that hypothetical is cool? chile
  17. the want 5 singles, all top ten hits, 5 million sold first week, 6 music videos, and a sold out Europe leg How bout a two piece and a biscuit
  18. I thought we were never seeing her stomach again
  19. I wanna believe she cooked that pie as much as she ate it....fight me
  20. alert folks.....I told the young folks my fav, hell I kid you not, they didn't know her Now if that's not a case for a legacy loss I dont what is
  21. Contract Janet and independent Janet are two different artists. The difference here is working for a company with deadlines and being your own boss working on your own time . All things considered Damita Jo holds up against most of her work post SB the best. that's no small feat
  22. I think we should confine the discussion to the Janet albums that are highly regarded, in this case Control to AFY, it's a losing proposition to talk about the post SB work, we all know those did not hold up well, with the exception of "Unbreakable" still a very good album and Damita Jo a good album too
  23. its laidback and I think it would have done well in Europe
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