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  1. Same here even tho cute is an underrated for the 3 of us ^^
  2. They don't got me fooled cause for the most part two out of three seems mature enough to stay in there place. But you know it's always one who gotta try and act out and I got something special for that bitch anyways. Thank. You are more then welcomed to roll with me if I go...I mean you would be protected
  3. I feel you. I don't even plan on make eye contact with my enemies. Because I might end up in jail in Miami from shooting a bitch... True Everyone is grown...I just hope some of us know how to conduct ourselves in a well manner behavior.
  4. Yup Thats how it be sometimes. Well what you have to is stick around even longer so the negative nacy's will get to know you better and change their minds about you.
  5. So far...I'm loving everything. I'm just waiting on an official date that way I can tell fo sho if I'm able to make it or not You good I like you. It's just 3 others I'm not to fond of...That is one of the reasons why I haven't officially agreed to anything yet....Cause I won't bite my tongue for anyone. You coming? I would love to meet you.
  6. Yes I can. I don't see why so many people disagree with you. You are actually one of the few cool members I can see eye to eye with. But, I can also understand where she is coming from. Considering you guys have gotten into it in previous threads, so she may have not viewed it as a joke and thought it was shade. :lmao:
  7. Who all plans on attending??? *puts my pistol in my purse*
  8. Don't worry. I could tell it was a joke...But yeah I've been lurkin the board yesterday and seen you and the newbie just don't like each other. :lmao:
  9. I just wanted to say you stole my ideal...I wanted to do gifs of my own just like that...You then stole my originality
  10. You laughing I don't find the shit funny. :lmao: You trying to turn her out???....Well shit from her responds sweetie you ain't gotta try that hard
  11. [quote name=Selita Jo ' timestamp='1310579005' post='183088] Yep. Guys always do me wrong.
  12. My face, my style, shit....Do I need 2 say anymo?
  13. I think we need some more straight SEXY men, We already got enough catty bitches/girls around here.
  14. I fucks with pretty bad bitches.....oh and Cheetos
  15. And this is where I stop listening to you. That second link is nice and all but why is them beds looking like Jail cell bunks with white sheets. How old are you? I thought you were 21?
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