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  1. That beef skit was actually pretty funny lol ... and relatable ("I said I wasn't done" )
  2. My favorite of the "U"-song trilogy
  3. It does kinda sound like Drake's "Take Care," which was based on Jamie XX + Gil-Scott Heron's "I'll Take Care of You," ...which in turn was a cover of Bobby Bland lol. And I like it.
  4. Ah yes, the classic price of fame
  5. I actually prefer part 2, but I still like part 1 all the same.
  6. She died 6 years ago. Still whenever I think of her, it always reminds me of the troll posing as her on the original forum lol.
  7. I'll check it out since she mentioned it. Until recently, Tito was the only sibling not to go solo.
  8. "Hot in Herre" is one of those songs, while not bad, I'd be happy never to hear again. At the same time I wouldn't change the station if it came on the radio. The The Bee Gees mashup is pretty cool tho. Also, someone else actually rated both m&m songs lower than I did (even I was kinda surprised ).
  9. I used to like this song at the time. I remember first hearing it at an end-of-the-year pool party, so it does have that positive memory going for it. Well actually, it started to skip near the end and the DJ had to switch to the next song lol.
  10. Again lol? This rumor's as old as rotary phones. I didn't believe it then, and I sure don't believe it now.
  11. I agree with the average rating, since it's exactly equal to what I rated it lol
  12. Darn, I was hoping LL would at least crack the top 10 lol. A little surprised No Doubt missed it too.
  13. Forgot to post here that I'm happy for her! It'd be pretty cool it if she had twins
  14. I like rock songs when they have something unique going for them (well, this applies to any song in general), but these didn't really stand out to me. I don't think they're not the worst of the group though.The Mario song is ok, but the original by Biz Markie is where it's really at. In high school, we actually got a writing prompt for a practice SAT asking us to interpret "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got." I always found that m&m song vile and irredeemable, so I'm not disappointed to see it go.
  15. A little pleasantly surprised my AF1 rating was not the highest
  16. I loved that her dancing had class and character. Awesome video!
  17. Rest in peace. *plays "Dear Mama"*
  18. While I don't really like comparisons because they each had different strengths, I've always preferred MJ personally. They're both my two favorite male artists though.
  19. Man, MC is such a gorgeous woman to look at.
  20. One thing I noticed is this has more fully-sung songs compared to his previous albums. Before, each album would feature just one song without any rap ("Find Your Love," "Doing It Wrong," "Hold On We're Going Home") Just thought that was interesting lol
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