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  1. Finally able to watch the gif. Can't wait for the vid!
  2. I like Apple Music. For once I chose the "right" one lol.
  3. I immediately thought of MC and dem legs. Her impact tbh!
  4. Giving it a listen just to see what all the hubbub is about lol. Well I like "Freedom." I give that one props, plus it's got Kendrick.
  5. I'm also surprised UGIB got so high (I was debating between 7 and 8 for that song lol) AFY deserved this win tho! *goes to play extended vinyl version*
  6. I'm intrigued that he made each of the 3 discs exactly an hour long. Ultimately I plan to listen to the whole thing, but have yet to set aside enough time lol.
  7. Timeless song. Probably my favorite debut single of the 2000s
  8. Used to love this song when it came out. I personally prefer her 90s hip-hop soul songs ("Real Love," "Be Happy," "I Love You"), but I still like this too.
  9. I remember when it came out and the radio DJ announced "Ms. Jackson," I initially thought it was a brand new Janet song. Still a great song tho -- OutKast really came with it
  10. I didn't think much of the song at first, but it's since grown on me. The video reminds me of Disney's Princess and the Frog, with Brandy as Tiana -- like a live-action version lol
  11. A 10 from me. Loved it upon first listen. There's a strong feeling of joy and optimism the way she sings it.
  12. I'm really grateful she's still here. All I can do is wish her a long and healthy life. (Both her parents are still alive and in their 80s so that's a good sign)
  13. Same ... both my top 2 male artists.
  14. STCML's never been one of my favorites, but it's still a very good pop song. Really great remixes too!
  15. This just doesn't process ~ at least it will take a long time to like Whitney's passing did. He was one of those artists I thought would be with us for a long time. I'm at least grateful I made the snap decision to see him live last month. He was a true musician in every sense of the word, and his timeless music shall live on.
  16. Okay I loooooove her "Hello" cover (originally by Todd Rundgren just to be clear) "Dial'Afreaq" is addicting too
  17. Nah, I'm a fictional character. Well I've thought about consciousness the other day. It's kind of fascinating that we have it and we're not just mechanical robots lol
  18. "Turn Da Lights Off" has always been my fav; I still listen to that
  19. Also curious about this. I hope he's fully recovered from the plane incident, but I think he's doing ok now. I attended his piano + microphone tour last month and it was really good.
  20. I love how her expression reads "What can I say?"
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