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  1. Y'all... Madonna has been thirsty for attention, trend-chasing, and egomaniacal since EVER. Wake up. It's like it's a new thing every time she comes back around with Janet stans. Her quality control has merely dipped with time imo. I think this is shaping up to be a nice album, definitely better than HC/MDNA and at least on par with Rebel Shart. So far the singles sound relatively cohesive to me - at least in terms of vocal production and overall mood. The imagery and looks are old hat for her, but I don't expect much new by now, she's done it all. I won't be going to the MX tour because I refuse to pay $300 for mediocre seats, hopefully some of you can enjoy.
  2. You guys should be happy it's not Ciara or Teyana Taylor doing this.
  3. Janelle is 33 years old. She was plenty there to witness Janet in the '90s aka her peak. Are y'all forgetting that JT inducted Madonna? This is nothing new.
  4. Amen. Janelle is an amazing choice and the obvious artistic child of Janet and Prince.
  5. Regardless of what happens, we should be happy J is still getting her bag. She'll probably make $10M from this and it will boost her profile for more touring and music promo going forward.
  6. lmaooo I'm still a loser I'm just a domesticated loser
  7. You guys should relax. This will not be SOTW. The entire theme and press around the show are completely different and she would be dragged down the Strip for putting on the same show she's been touring with since 2015 2017. BF and I just got tix for the second Saturday and I cannot wait.
  8. All the egg in here. They had to use Britney's dates up somehow.
  9. She could probably bank a cute $10M from it and work half as hard as she does touring, so I would understand if she did it.
  10. Caution is a really good album guys, don't. Unbreakable is better only because it has more bops, but it also has lower lows (because Caution only has 10 songs lol).
  11. She looks great either way, remember BET 2015, she wasn't stick thin then and still slayed. She just needs to wear a cute outfit and not neck to toe black layers.
  12. I love her natural makeup. I surprisingly like the wig. But that outfit. No. Back to the UWT frumpy pants I see.
  13. Is it like the real chart or just radio or something?
  14. Sis out here wearing scarves in 60 degree weather...
  15. You all are sleeping on Got til it's Gone, perhaps her most cinematic and most beautifully directed video.
  16. How about a little Rhythm Nation anniversary tour? I know it'll probably never happen but plenty of bands do anniversary concerts for their landmark albums and you know it would smash if she did it. Mariah did it already for Butterfly!
  17. Y'all of little faith. She has been setting up the past year perfectly for a huge 2019. We have the HoF, the Netflix doc, and most likely a new album to look forward to next year. The past two years have shown that she knows what she's doing.
  18. Ugh. If the netflix doc really happens, it would be perfect for it to coincide with the HoF and some remasters. I would LOVE to go to this, I assume it's in Cleveland and not NYC like the induction?
  19. It wasn't the wig that jacked up the look, it was the skirt. She should've worn pants with that jacket.
  20. I think we can agree that it was not made for now.
  21. And she looked so MAD. Probably mostly jet lag but like she knew she looked a fool.
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