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  1. It's ok. I understood. I never talked to them on there. I don't really use Facebook I also miss nextjj. She was such a weird little kid Oh and the one girl who thought Janet was going to pm her
  2. Released The Velvet Rope. Mmm my lips hurt
  3. Well ME!!! JuicyFelicia ahahahahaha! She was so horny and couldn't spell and loved Christmas Oh and TrueDreams the born again heterosexual Raquel and supafreak. Lesbians who met on the forum. Raquel moved from Portugal to Canada for love. They both unfriended me on Facebook. :///
  4. Thank guys. Yes, I love Madonna too!
  5. Heyyyy! Who remembers mee? Been a member since 2004!!! Hi Angie!
  6. I'm soooooo excited for new Janet!
  7. Love, love, LOVE the album! Congratulations Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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