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  1. Kelly Clarkson does fun covers of Janet.
  2. H.e.r. always praises Janet and always shows Janet love for going to her show in the UK.
  3. I stan! The imagery! This song has been my anthem for the past day. It lifts me up and makes me feel so confident.
  4. This video is insanely beautiful
  5. Anyone listen to Jessie Ware? This has got to be my fave song off her new album. I also live for the dancer in the video. Live yo mf life! Yasssss I love the luxurious disco vibe of thisvtrack.
  6. Imma just keep this in a single thread lol.
  7. Should have been on Damita Jo. Its sooooooo good.
  8. Huge fan of hers. Anyone else? This video has Janet and Aaliyah vibes all over it.
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