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  1. Something seems off about his jaw too. He seems wired on some kind of stimulant. My guess is cocaine. Also, this thread is 8 years old?
  2. I love her. Going to see her on tour in SF.
  3. The video is fire but the song is forgettable.
  4. did i miss it? I am down for this.
  5. downeaznboi

    EDC 2021

    This clown is going, one life to live
  6. Come up to the Bay Area once this Covid is over. I'm down to take you all over San Francisco to day drink, shop, and go to sex shops, buy poppers, eat really amazing food.
  7. I HATE IT. I like edm, trance, house, all that crap you guys usually shit on but this is straight trash. The royalty checks are not worth it.
  8. Thank you! Hopefully we shall meet again!
  9. Kelly Clarkson does fun covers of Janet.
  10. H.e.r. always praises Janet and always shows Janet love for going to her show in the UK.
  11. I stan! The imagery! This song has been my anthem for the past day. It lifts me up and makes me feel so confident.
  12. Anyone listen to Jessie Ware? This has got to be my fave song off her new album. I also live for the dancer in the video. Live yo mf life! Yasssss I love the luxurious disco vibe of thisvtrack.
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