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  1. I'm not angry. I just hate people.
  2. She lost because the DNC is garbage. They fucked over Bernie, they also became overly confident, elite, assholes, who simply thought, "we got this." Well that's what they fucking get. They lost it ALL! ALL the control went to the white supremacist, and I don't think these assholes will learn their lesson. I'm so disgusted with those piles of shit,.
  3. No you stop with the MJ bashing! Anywho, I just want to see the baby, damn it!
  4. I don't know what the hell is up with people today. I guess acting like an asshole and being an arrogant cunt is what attracts people this generation. She's a great fighter and has much to be proud of. If she would just humble herself, then maybe losing wouldn't be so devastating for her, and delicious for those who can't stand her for being so disgusting.
  5. Oh good grief Mariah. She is such a fucking asshole. So she fucked up. Shit happens. She should've just laughed it off, made a joke, or apologized. It's not that serious. Her attitude becomes more, and more repulsive. She is such an embarrassment. I was a huge fan. Now I wish her ass would retire and go the fuck away.
  6. Note to self: If any motherfucker touches my kids, especially if he is white, torture him to death first, then call the cops.
  7. Last fight Rousey wouldn't bump gloves, this fight after she lost she ran out that octagon faster than the baby mommas on Maury when they find out the 12th guy isn't the daddy.
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