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  1. I think they both do actually. With the right team and the right material anything is possible.
  2. She doesn't either She needs a real team to get behind her and she needs to call Jazze Phae and make a mends for whatever they went through. He had a direction for her during her first album and he knew what he was doing. She has the potential for a comeback. The fact that she people still talk about her and she hasn't had a really big era since "the evolution" speaks to her popularity.
  3. aed05

    Monterrey Cali?

    if you want to live anywhere in the sate that's remotely interesting you're gonna pay. However the outskirt cities in the Central Valley, nor cal at the top of the state and mountain areas are very affordable. But they're away from all the fun. The funny thing is, Los angeles is the most popular city in the state thus far, but it's more affordable than the bay, New York and Boston.
  4. aed05

    Monterrey Cali?

    Besides the cost of living, it's a lovely place to live. Plus it's only a two hour drive from San francisco. But is a coastal town so by default it's expensive. You might want to try living in salinas or castroville which are its border cities and are a little bit cheaper.
  5. Honestly, I kinda liked Rachet Monica Yall can shade all yall want too, but "So Gone" was EVERYTHING! And I still bop to "Everytime the beat drop"
  6. All foolishness aside, he does have flow.
  7. If this is the love of his life, then he needs to politely STFU and go on about his business. Both he and her father are living lies, so why try and blow up anbody's spot? Real life doesn't have to be a reality show or an episode of EMPIRE. Grown folks take secretes to the grave all the time. He sounds like a drama queen.
  8. Prince wrote songs for females all the time. A talented writer can write for both genders, however he needs to let WHYDFML GO! his shade has gotten stale.
  9. Her vocals sound the same to me. And that's not shade because I always thought she was a decent vocalist. For a ballad like "I bet" it makes since not to dance. However, she is not Ledisi, Chante Moore or Jill Scott. Being just a vocalist is not her lane, so I would love to see her slay us with some new routines. She's an entertainer, not just a singer.'
  10. But Riri doesn't write her own material, so the defendent should be Kanye right?
  11. Ch....SHE NEEDS ANOTHER TAB! A #1 smash with an 8 week run! Yeah, she'd kill for that at this point.
  12. Yeah, Ghosttown is a good choice. I would have chosen that over "Living for love" actually.
  13. Madonna's been flailing since hard candy. MDNA came and went and Rebel Heart seems to be doing the same. Madonna was never a great natural talent. Her gift was mixing commerce and art into one seemless package. In short, she needs hit makers and she needs to make catchier music that the everyone can relate too. She hasn't released a ballad in forever, so it would be nice to hear something slower from her.
  14. The 90s were 20 years ago, so maybe his memory isn't he best. But yeah, I don't remember Ginger being the most popular spice. They all played their position if you asked me. I'm black, so around my way Scary spice was THAT BITCH!
  15. I believe both stories. You don't go in on OPRAH unless you have FACTS! Lady O's ego is legendary and Diplo is a known Douche, so yeah I can see it.
  16. yes it still matters to her. If it didn't she wouldn't be promoting the way she is. I mean all the controversial comments are for a reason. I just it doesn't come back to bite her in the end.
  17. Um....folks need to lay off the family. Least we forget Robyn and Phaleesha came for the family FIRST! court documents state that they tried to sue the family last year before the family ever took legal action. The shit backfired and they lost. A musicalogist argued the songs were the same but that was obvious from jump. Not to mention Robin's record company quietly added Marvin's name to the credits of another song robyn recorded which clearly sounds like Marvin's "Trouble man". Its one thing to be inspired, but when your product sounds too much like your inspiration, maybe you need to re-tweek it. The family had every right to fight the case. Marvin's music is their legacy to benefit from, so yeah, Robyn and Phaleesha need to cut a check.
  18. She also tried to fuck D'angelo. he told her NO. Its nice that she confirmed her and 2Pac, even though the tea is stale.
  19. In terms of success, its Janet/Jimmy/Terry by default because no other team on the list produced 10 #1 pop hits. Those are just facts. In terms of impact its MJ and Quincy. They created the pop star templat that exist to this day with Thriller. Interms of chemistry, its Brandy and Darkchild tied with Timb and Aaliyah. As singers, those two complimented those producers the best.
  20. She made some valid points. I don't agree with everything she said, but she's entitled to her opinion.
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