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  1. Loving Me 4 Me is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!! :w00t: :wub:
  2. Bout effin time! Maybe now the beyhives will come back 2 reality
  3. Harry Winston Jewels. Only the best when you're a BILLION dollars on an elevator
  4. If janet had work done, she would not be giving up close side-profile shots
  5. Leilani Al Mana is in da building!!!! Janet's face is EATING the camera lens!! #BadBytch #NuffSaid
  6. Usher's feeling the sting from mercury retrograde right now as well......................His ticket sales 4 his upcoming tour have been horrible as of late
  7. Told these girls: DO NOT release any new music or go on tour during 'Mercury Retrograde' [Oct.3rd-Oct 25th]! your whole well being is gonna be shaky/fall apart because the planet is traveling backwards!! Don't make any important decisions or sign any papers during this time. Poor Mariah Ms. Jason Derulo is next!! Jordin Sparks dumped him & he's going on tour[Oct. 10th] during retrograde!!! Janet is lucky her project is gonna drop between Nov.& Dec when retrograde is over.
  8. I love it!!! :lmao: especially Janet's screams fro "Poetic Justice"
  9. 2010: Dancer 'call back' audition in NYC 4 'Essence Festival' performance
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