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  1. I know I'm going back a couple years now - the third season was never aired in the UK and all three seasons are now on Disney+ so I've been rewatching all of it so I can catch up with season 3. I never knew Brandy did two whole seasons in it, nor that Chad Michael Murray's one trick pony looking ass played a bad guy. Plus Kosine annoyed the hell out of me. Did anyone else watch the series or just me? Having said all that I've still got 8 episodes to go lol.
  2. Was this news like an unplanned leak or something? Disappeared very quickly.
  3. One of these guys can rip us a DVD lol Failing that, why don't you and me plan a trip to the States for when it's showing
  4. [color=red]On the anniversary of her brother’s death too - nice touch [/color]
  5. No I mean he said a similar thing to what I was saying.
  6. You didn't miss it, just putting out some feelers to see who's interested at this stage
  7. I do think of Henry quite often. I even tried to email him the other day on the old address I had for him but it came back undeliverable. I hope he's doing ok and living life.
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