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  1. Beyoncé's toward the front I think? People in the audience saw her moving during MFN
  2. Aww, She has her RN tour set up for the RN segment
  3. Not her trolling everyone during ATAP
  4. 20th Dance Club Number 1 finally happened!!
  5. I saw the song was registered back in July but we'll see what she does with it
  6. It's sales played a big part. Fortunately it did chart! Regardless, the song is doing what it needs to do It's radio spins and streaming numbers need to go up. Rhythmic and UAC are playing the song but Top 40 isn't. The song has been added to a few Spotify playlists as well and it's streams are steady. If all goes well, the song will climb/chart in the next few months or so.
  7. Loving all of these interviews!! Just when I thought I've seen them all so far in this era.
  8. Made for now hits #88 on the Hot 100 in the US. It's her 41st Hot 100 entry Also #8 on Billboard Hot Digital Tracks
  9. I didn't know he said all of that lol. My guess is he saw some fans talking about Danielle Polanco's choreo for Fallon and comparisons probably came up....IDK what he thinks he'll be doing that's PETTY if he doesn't even call out whatever is bothering him directly let alone who. Half the time no one even knows what his rants and tirades are about anyway. It is what it is at this point.
  10. She probably released it early because she didnt want to battle Ariana and didn't think Travis Scott would outsell her. It's almost sad
  11. Made for Now - Last night iTunes: #1 Oman #1 Philippines #1 Qatar #2 Kenya #3 Argentina #3 Dominican Republic #3 Netherlands #5 Spain #6 Singapore #7 United States #8 Chile #8 Mexico #9 Greece #12 France #13 The Bahamas #17 Sweden #20 Hungary #20 Kazakhstan #20 Portugal #21 Australia #22 Canada #22 Romania #22 Taiwan #23 Brazil #23 Denmark #25 United Kingdom #27 South Africa #29 Poland #30 New Zealand #31 Colombia #32 Finland #32 Norway #33 Slovakia #34 United Arab Emirates #36 Belgium #36 Ireland #38 Hong Kong #38 Italy #38 Switzerland #45 Germany #51 Indonesia #57 India #89 Thailand
  12. She was great!! Dance breaks, indisputable vocals and just pure positive energy!
  13. It has TONS of replay value even though it t could have been a bit longer! Her looks on the rooftop, the breakdown, and the end shot were my favs but they all were great.
  14. I'm estatic that my hometown and Janfam were showering her with love ? It really showed!!
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