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  1. The obsession with someone being gay over there is nuts. They think every black entertainer is on the DL
  2. That's all you really need unless you plan on blowing the pic up to the size of a billboard. This whole megapixel things is just marketing fluff
  3. Usher- Good Kisser is hot, plus he's killing those backgrounds
  4. Of cover of "Magic" is so beautiful
  5. You must be a stan. Not a lot of people know about that song, yet alone the lyrics
  6. One of the few vocalist whose voices has gotten better with age
  7. I loved Aura on first listen, but I didn't think the general public would
  8. Love that album. Not sure why people hate on it. Her vocals were amazing.
  9. Mostly, is the gayness of the city that's a turnoff to me. I admit, that when I go I'm usually with gay friends but I don't want that to be the totality of my existence. In Atlanta, I just feel like you can't escape the gay microcosm they've created there
  10. I don't like Atlanta. I have family and friends that live there, and whenever I go, I can't wait to come back home
  11. She updated her Instagram with #Summer2014 a few days ago
  12. I agree and Bu, you are wrong about Focus.
  13. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1sxfoy_andrew-garfield-the-beygency-snl-5-3-14_fun
  14. That's Kenya's real hair. She may add a track or two for length, but it's mostly hers
  15. I haven't agreed with you in a long time, but this is true
  16. CK1Czar

    Let It Go!

    Am I the only person to find Frozen to be overrated? The movie was good but not the way people are raving. "Let it Go" is a cute song but "Defying Gravity" is better.
  17. That cowgirl footage is actually a behind the scenes for a photoshoot, not a video for the remix
  18. itunes has become too bloated. It needs to be cleaned up badly
  19. In Brandy's defense, she did actually release her album
  20. It's not Brandy Source, it's a few Ashanti fans. Let's not mix the two up
  21. I think it's more of a joke than anything. Does Ashanti even have a board?
  22. Apparently someone from this board has upset Ashanti's fans, and they have now devised a plan to take down this board. There's a thread about it on Brandy's board. This board is going down lol... http://s7.zetaboards.com/Brandy_Source/topic/8994188/1/
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