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  1. Yea, I came to the conclusion that she is not trying to do all that at this current time.
  2. Yes it may be easy for others to dismiss it but it did not HAPPEN TO THEM, SO THEY ARE NOT EMPATHETIC. It happened to ME.- I was so offended.
  3. The whole point is that was SO offensive to Janet fans. People that post videos of her because we want to encourage others to go- and had no motive to "steal" or undermine any legal stipulation.
  4. Don't get me wrong I love Janet, but simply just kindly notifying the audience that uploading to Instagram is not allowed would have been a better approach -
  5. Yea actually paid 1200 for my tickets - so you know my friend
  6. Yep simply uploaded a concert video as a really happy supportive fan and poof deleted
  7. Uploading concert videos even as a well meaning fan thinking you are supporting Janet will cause your Instagram to be deleted...
  8. Uploading concert videos even as a well meaning fan thinking you are supporting Janet will cause your Instagram to be deleted...
  9. Last night there was a meet and greet don't know how People were elegible
  10. Just seen Janet in San Diego she rocked!
  11. what do you think lol!!! https://www.facebook.com/hartkevin/videos/10153187369067045
  12. I too after careful consideration am in favor of Ms Janet's decision to no perform as much I think over the last few eras they burned out so quick and were flagged with bad press about what the album was NOT. This era Janet is making the press appreciate the legend she is not going on everybody's talk show, not dancing on every stage, and making every move she makes one that people appreciate and watch for. I really want her to do more performances to show different audiences she can still dance the same and is still the same Artist, and still has the very same ability she has had over the
  13. Voted: AND NO SUPRISE SHE IS LEADING LONG TIME COMING Janet Jackson 23.72% (6138 votes) Chicago 12.10% (3131 votes) Cheap Trick 9.70% (2510 votes) Chaka Khan 7.39% (1912 votes) The Cars 7.05% (1823 votes) Steve Miller 6.92% (1791 votes) Yes 6.32% (1636 votes) Deep Purple 5.82% (1506 votes) The Spinners 4.60% (1190 votes) Chic 4.54% (1174 votes) N.W.A 4.16% (1076 votes) Nine Inch Nails 3.55% (918 votes) The Smiths 2.23% (576 votes) Los Lobos 1.32% (342 votes) The J.B.'s 0.58% (149 votes) - See more at: http://rockhall.com/voting/2016-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nominees-vote/#sthash.WchnalDV
  14. Definetly not what I expected, but in some ways very radio friendly
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