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  1. I’m still in shock that we ended up getting both an interview AND a performance with this appearance. And it looks like she’s having fun and enjoying herself. This era is already bringing me so much joy.
  2. “Runaway” was such an unexpected surprise! She’s already so full of good surprises and I AM HERE FOR IT.
  3. She’s already gone on 50% more talk shows for the Black Diamond era than she did for Made For Now, and we haven’t even heard a new song yet. i love it.
  4. Yeah, based on how much they’ve been hanging out lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander Wang is designing the costumes/looks for the Black Diamond tour. I loved the clothes he did for her for SOTW summer ‘18 tour.
  5. Okay I’m VERY excited for the ‘classroom instruments’ segment. Those get a lot of views and I’m just so excited to hear her sing in that type of setting. I wonder what song they’ll do. I could see them having a lot of fun with ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately?” Or “Escapade.”
  6. I feel like the tour announcement is getting more of the focus because it actually has dates. There hasn’t yet been a concrete date or even month/time of the year attached to the news of the Black Diamond album. I wish Jimmy Fallon asked her to be more specific about when it comes out, other than “sometime this year.” I mean, I know this album isn’t going to go the way of the 2018 EP, the Pleasure Principle lingerie line, the deal with Lionsgate to produce a movie... but I’d rather she give us even a ballpark date range for the album’s release because, well, I want to know everything! (My guess would be middle/end of May, That still gives them time to work on the album, and then a couple of months for the songs to be out in the world and we’ll know the lyrics, giggles, “yeah, yeah” and other Janet ad lib moments that you can’t help but sing along to. (And I hope they have a video roll-out plan where we get more than 2 videos from this album!)
  7. I love that she’s explaining the meaning behind Black Diamond right out of the gate.Giving me Velvet Rope vibes, in the way she’s finding a deeper meaning and symbolism behind an item and running with it in an artistic/inspiring way like only she can do. I bet she goes deep (ha! Didn’t even write that pun on purpose) on this one like she did on The Velvet Rope. But while TVR was, for the most part, largely introspective, I bet Black Diamond will still pack an emotional punch, I bet it’ll be more celebratory because she’s at a stage in her life where she’s prob way more confident than she was in her 30’s and has overcome so much shit. Got me so excited. (Couldn’t help myself with that one.) This is the only thing I’m going to say about the RN1814 part of this new tour. If she really wants to make it a special celebration of that album, she should sing “Lonely.” That fan-favorite deserves a moment in the spotlight!
  8. Yeah, I’d imagine it’s the name of the album or at least a new song. I’m hoping that will be revealed tonight. OMG HURRY UP MONDAY!
  9. I mean, I would love that. I hope that’s the case!
  10. I think just a guest... Gil was in IG live earlier and I asked him if he was coming to NYC next week, too... and he said no. I feel like if she were performing, he’d be coming here, too.
  11. Oh man, I hope she’s a surprise presenter tonight. Please some thru! And loved seeing all these pics, but especially seeing her chatting with Joni Mitchell. I love Janet’s cover of “Beat of Black Wings” and always wondered why it was never included on the Joni tribute album she recorded it for.
  12. As far as set and special effects, I’m okay with the way she’s scaled back. The intro and video interludes for SOTW1 were really well done and didn’t feel lacking. (Don’t get me started on the video interludes for the RWU Tour... oy) And I liked when she’d occasionally I’ve her music video playing behind her during certain songs. It really worked well during Twenty Fourplay on SOTW1 (I’m sure many casual fans hadn’t seen that video, and she looks she beautiful in it) and during Doesn’t Really Matter on SOTW2. At Panorama we all lost our damn minds when did the dance break completely in sync with herself in the almost 20-year-old video. So good. I didn’t feel like I missed the pyro or elaborate set design at those shows. But when she shows up wearing a flannel and sweatpants for a majority of the show, that’s another story. I get that she wants to be comfy (and somehow can handle all those layers while dancing...I’d be a hot mess, even with the fans), but there’s got be a better way.
  13. JUST discovered all these on Amazon Prime Music. THE SKIN GAME! Okay, this is very exciting
  14. Yeah, I was disappointed in that outfit... but hey, I’m glad she’s comfy. yeah, I kind of thought this was gonna be more like performing the whole RN1814 album live with a couple of non-RN songs as the encore. Something along those lines. Oh well.
  15. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/janet-jackson/2019/treasure-island-resort-and-casino-welch-mn-5b9c8340.html
  16. I love how the director of the Hustlers movie is clearly a big Janet fan. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2019-09-13/hustlers-music-usher-lorde-janet-jackson Janet Jackson The film opens on a long tracking shot following newbie dancer Destiny (Wu) as she navigates a night of work at a strip club set to Jackson’s 1986 single “Control,” one of two early Jackson tunes that give voice to what she’s feeling. The song was written into the script “as a Janet Jackson voice-over,” said Scafaria, and it establishes the theme of the film: Even as Destiny is learning the ropes and smiling for customers who shout at her, “Hey, Lucy Liu,” she’s constantly negotiating her own control over her life and future. Wu sees the sequence as an early instance of Destiny wielding her own power: She knows instantly who these men are. “In that beginning scene, I am scanning the room; I am looking for money,” said Wu. “And the Lucy Liu thing is like a cash register ding in my head.” “The Janet cues were the start of it,” said Scafaria, who wrote many of the songs heard in the film into her script and played them on set for her cast. She closes “Hustlers” out with another Jackson tune, “Miss You Much,” which takes on bittersweet meaning with the fate of Destiny and Ramona’s fractured friendship. “‘Miss You Much’ was always the bookend for me in that it represented everything ... about the relationships that we have that maybe don’t last our whole lives but are really meaningful,” said Scafaria.
  17. I saw “Hustlers” last night and Janet’s music is VERY MUCH a big part of the soundtrack. ”Control” opens the movie. (‘This is a story about control. My control...etc’ is the first thing we hear right at the very beginning.) And then a big chunk of “Miss You Much” plays at a really fun part in the middle. AND then “MYM” AGAIN during the credits. Was such a nice surprise!
  18. Ty Dolla $ign also mentioned working in something with Janet... so I feel like she’s definitely working/creating stuff. We just won’t be hearing it as soon as we’d like... I feel like she said ‘nothing new coming out soon’ or whatever cause she wants it to be a surprise (no surprise album, please) or she just wants to set our expectations so we’ll be more patient. haha
  19. Sooooo ready to hear the new Jam/Lewis song. Do we even know the song’s name?
  20. Haha. I was cracking up at my expectations, too. Like, I was late to meet my friends out last night cause I didn’t want to miss it. Haha
  21. Maybe there was some sort of miscommunication and Janet’s people thought someone from Facebook was going to come to do the photos/videos/whatever for the takeover... and then they had to scramble to do it themselves? Trying to make sense of such unnecessary misstep/fail. This should’ve been so much betta (), and promo they easily should be hit out of the park. I guess I’m a little obsessed with this incident because if they can’t handle a simple FB takeover, it makes my nervous how they’ll execute bigger stuff like album promo whenever the blessed day comes when Janet releases the next album.
  22. I would've forgiven the half-assed FB takeover (takeover? more like borrowing for a second) if the live video from the concert was shot from, oh I don't know, the front of the stage! Having someone record from the side of stage where we didn't even see Janet for most of "State of the World" and pretty much only at the end of "The Knowledge" made absolute no sense to me. They should've showed off the hard work they put into this residency and given us a view from the best seat in the house. It's the last show! They're not giving away any spoilers at this point. (Sidenote, for some reason I had a feeling they were gonna stream a portion of the "Feedback" section of the show. I feel like everyone' on social media has been obsessed with her sass/attitude during FB, so it could've been a buzzy, must-see moment. But since it also probably would've been shot from the lobby, I guess it doesn't really matter) (pun intended) Yeah, I went to bed annoyed last night. haha. Okay, rant over. Still love ya Janet.
  23. I wish she would release a professionally-shot performance video of just one of the songs from the show on YouTube. Maybe one of the RN1814 songs in honor of the anniversary?
  24. Haha. Well, yeah. We all know her music covers so many genres, which even includes hard rock. But not nearly enough musicians/influencers from the heavy metal world give her props, so I thought it was a nice surprise. (And, oh man, am I jealous of his seats at the show)
  25. Random, but cool: https://metalheadzone.com/slipknots-corey-taylor-reveals-the-rare-moments-he-had-with-janet-jackson/
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