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  1. He did?! Oh well, Im content then cuz I loved that version. He has done anything else for her?
  2. I am NOT travelling to the US anytime I wanna see something about Janet. I did it in 2015. Janet needs to learn about our European worth, establish as she lives here!
  3. Queen of Trolling! It does look good though. I feel we will get music beforehand...hopefully.
  4. Discipline teas ? With a touch of Unbreakable on the front cover
  5. Precisely. If any current artist is gonna be unbothered by their achievements, its J. I mean she may well have copies but this doesnt surprise me in the least. Its like shedding your past and starting anew. A new era is dawning for sure.
  6. So I finally started vaping weed this week and thought about this thread why did I leave it so long?! Its different but a difference I can get used to.
  7. I know. I've always said most of the choreography needs an update at this stage and I remember liking it at the time. I guess Ill go have a look too.
  8. YES!!! I remember loving that part but ...I don't really remember anything else from the performance.
  9. AFU performance came to mind first but I think you might be right. Alot of the energy was lost.
  10. Im excited, but it only just crossed my mind that its just more inconsideration for those outside the US. We aint got no LifeTime in the UK and I dont even know what A&E is. Im hoping us foreigners will see it somehow, but Netflix would given better access. Maybe something happened behind the scenes.
  11. I'm in the UK so don't get to see her perform. I can only answer some based on YT clips. Setlist/Song Selection: Metamorphosis Choreography: SOTW - much more and harder. Memorable Intro: Metamorphosis (Empty!!!!!!) even though I would have loved a full flashing lights performance. Costumes/Outfits: Metamorphosis, I think. Seemed more colourful. Wasn't really a fan of the football jersey get up. SOTW1 did it better IMO
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