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  1. "Dammn Baby". Especially that breakdown taking you back to "I Get Lonely".
  2. "Intro:The arena is completely sark except for the lights on the stairs that can be seen all through out the Arena. Suddenly the band starts to play a song, It's not a Janet song...It's the classic Diana Ross song. "Your All I Need To Get By" it is slow and seductive. Action shots of Janet performing on different tours, and in videos begin to flash across the screen. Similar to AFYT but different. Over the instrumentation Various interlude from Janets albums can be heard. Suddenly the instrumentation Stops dead ! The curtain is torn away to reveal a bare stage. Suddenly Janet starts to rise fr
  3. yeah I know I just thought this was just for showing love and appreciating Janet. But you're ignoring people is better than getting into petty arguments
  4. Nation1814


    Lol! Everytime I post something I get nothing but facts from certain people as well as what sometimes come of as negative feedback. I ask what if question just to see other people's opinions and creative I'm not saying what I said are facts I asked as a hypothetical situation. No need to be a buzzkill.
  5. The rap is creative, I must say the references to some of her past songs. Give It a Listen.
  6. yeah but the 25th of both of those albums already past thats why i said janet. its the next one.
  7. Kelly would definitely slay a Janet cover. Her BET Awards performance decently embodied Janet.
  8. You guys know how Michael did Thriller:25 & Bad:25. If they were to do a Janet:25 in 2018. Who would you want to cover the songs. Like for example I see Tinashe doing "The Body That Loves You" and Ciara doing "If".
  9. I agree, i think some of her international bonus track should've replaced some original album songs. You were right about the Damita Jo and 20 Y.O. Era some of the unrealized track I just don't understand why they are unrealized. Example (I Like It (Ruff) unreleased from the Damita Jo Era)
  10. You Ain't Right. I wouldn't say it isn't single worthy but I feel like it wouldn't work. I think of it more like a filler song. It's not my favorite but if you're looking for that club vibe for a single for me it would be the Japanese Bouns Track "Who"
  11. did I miss read something? Because I don't remember seeing anything about Canada. Besides I'm not talking about why the promotion was cut. I just wondered what the fans would like to see as the 5th 6th & 7th single. This whole this went completely off topic.
  12. But the tour ended in February 2002. She cancelled the September and half of the October dates.
  13. That video would have been fire. It has the creepy sick feel to it. The way she performed it during the AFY Tour made me wish it had a video.
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