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  1. In the 90s it would've been a cute side project but traditional rock is basically dead.Would be more interested in a guitar driven song on a hypothetical new album.
  2. Another article https://www.vulture.com/2019/09/hustlers-soundtrack-fiona-apple-janet-jackson-britney.html "Writer-director Lorene Scafaria says that Jackson’s “Control” was so essential to the opening scene that she’s not sure what she would’ve done had Jackson said no to licensing the song. “I said out of the gate, ‘If we don’t get this, I don’t know what this movie is.’ There’s a theme of control that runs throughout the movie, and I didn’t want to make any bones about it — I wanted that to be very clear,” Scafaria says. “When we have it, when we don’t. Even when we’re empowered, it do
  3. I was in the 300s section and it still felt intimate. The theatre is probably the perfect size for a concert
  4. I love Made For Now but still prefer RWU because I still don't care for whatever autotune effect they put on her voice. Like I want my classic jovial Janet unfiltered. Better Costumes/Wardrobe??? Made For Now because of the Afro-Centric/Latin theme. Reminds you of the GTIG video which is probably her best video in terms of cinematography Better Overall Visuals??? MFN (the club setting of RWU has been done so many times) Better Choreography??? RWU no question Better Direction??? This is hard because I love how RWU is shot making it look like one take but Dave Meyers took
  5. Didn’t MJ take a 16 million dollar check from the sultan of Brunei when he performed there in the 90s? Brunei had and still has some of the same laws that folks are criticizing Saudi for. So he’s not above taking a check from corrupt people. Not mention he spent a lot of time in the Gulf after 05.
  6. Yeah I would have loved for this to happen and she could have even tackled the War on Terror/Bush administration/Katrina and tied it into the hypocrisy of the FCC. Tho her blacklisting my have escalated to the level of Nina Simone if she had done that. I just think for whatever reason her creativity was stifled. I think 20 YO and Discipline are good albums but Unbreakable you could just tell that she found her voice as an artist again and you could make the connection between Unbreakable and the projects released from 86-01. She's at her best when she's not only making jams but being self-refl
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/02/02/dear-mariah-carey-other-celebrities-stop-performing-saudi-arabia/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.1e823811aaa4 https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-48935232
  8. Also the background vocals on Skin Game. Surprised they never did a duet considering they’re friends and both collaborate with Jam/Lewis
  9. Glad to see an artist that can make music an EVENT again artist of her generation by far
  10. I think that’s a lot of speculation (not saying you’re wrong) Hopefully they have reached some agreement since it’s been 2 years post separation/divorce announcement but I don’t think Janet will all of a sudden be posting Eissa. She’s literally only shared one photo of him and everything else is 3rd party/paparazzi. I really hope for Janet & Eissa that everything is settled. I’m really surprised at the Vegas announcement/tour stuff because I literally thought she would take another extended break but literally she’s on one of her longest runs ever (just without an album)
  11. Yes, I still jumped but I definitely hesitated. My shoes were already ruined so I said what the hell lol i loved panorama because it’s the closest I’ve been to Janet and the crowd but lord that damn mud and the smell was too much. Only for Janet lol
  12. I hope a pic of her and Janelle comes out of this. Also lowkey mad this announcement came after panorama when this event is potentially free and hopefully without the mud
  13. You’re probably right tho even if it’s a sample that’s good exposure similar to the any time, any place sample (not saying Teyana is on the same level as Kendrick obviously lol) on Poetic Justice I think even tho they just met, they really connected and there’s mutual love so Janet collaborating with Teyana wouldn’t surprise me.
  14. I really hope this is true! Even tho Kanye has been disappointing lately
  15. Every Time, it’s not until a few years ago I connected with especially the lyrics because a lot of relationships/friendships are temporary/fragile so it’s hard to continue letting your guard down.
  16. I mean he's more relevant than a few people that were posted in this thread lmao. ... I hope you find the great forever too (giggles)
  17. he's not mega famous but he's the brother of models Gigi(dating Zayn) & Bella(dating The Weeknd) Hadid. Also the son of Yolanda foster from RHOBH. He apparently models as well. Half Palestinan, Half Dutch. -":
  18. In any religion there's multiple interpretations and you would know that a lot of sharia is within the context of 6th century Arabia. Islam at the time and still today if you compare it against the other 2 major monotheistic religions is the most progressive concerning women. Women were not allowed to own property in Europe until the 19th century, 1300 years after Islam established that as a right to women and I could go on with the rights granted to woman. Misogyny and patriarchy effect all societies and goes beyond religion. There is no one way to practice the faith as it has always been a
  19. Going to start off saying that we don't know what Janet's faith is beyond references in the Great Forever, saying iA in Broken Hearts Heal(and on tour) but she's never officially confirmed anything so even tho I believe she is, it's just speculation. Muslim women aren't allowed outside the house, are you serious? Plenty of Muslim women whether they wear hijab or not have professional careers and aren't bound to their homes. Stop talking about things you know nothing about.
  20. I mean maybe Chic itself doesn't have much impact but you can't deny Nile Rodger's contribution to music. From producing for Diana Ross, Madonna, etc. Even recently with Daft Punk
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