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  1. lmao yea ok. A delusional trying to call somebody delusional. Ok....
  2. Wikipedia?! Hahahad I'm done! Going by Wikipedia an unreliable receipt. Ch.. Bye. I done heard enough. I'm over here dying laughing
  3. Lmao y'all swear y'all know what y'all be talking about. It cracks me up..
  4. Like everybody and their mommas were there! J. hud, Tank, Tinashe, Ciara, Maxwell, Raven-Symone
  5. Btw why are these non-Tinashe fans commenting anyways? I could of sworn this thread is called for Tinashe fans. If you're not one just move along.
  6. Clearly somebody needs to listen to all her mixtapes. Plus, "Nightride" alone slays Ciara. With songs like "Spacetime" and "Ghetto Boy". The production of both of those song Ciara has never done anything like that. Like give me a song that is even remotely close to those.
  7. and Ciara looked a foolish mess doing "If". Moving too fast with sloppy arm movements. Don't get me wrong Tinashe didn't do too well on her part, but let's not act like Ciara was slaying. Tinashe, just like Janet, isn't stuck in one box with their sound. Again, like I said before, Tinashe said she refuse to let people stick her with one genre. She loves all kinds of music. She has r&b, pop, alternative, trap, edm. Etc... She can do it all. So she has something for everybody. So saying she has a new identity just means you don't get her.
  8. omg thank you! Clearly he don't what he's talking about. Nothing anything Tinashe had done sounds like Ciara. Ciara wish she was as musically inclined as Tinashe!
  9. now that's a lie! Ciara is NOT. Not with them flat ass notes she be hitting
  10. Ugggh I wish I was there to experience this iconic moment! I'm over here screaming in tears! Seeing Tina Landon on stage with Janet again just gave me major flash backs! Also Tish! This moment will never be forgotten!
  11. After the whole incident with the whole "Michael" album. When the family was saying somw of the tracks isn't really MJ, but somebody who is trying to sound like him. I don't support any albums that comes out after his death. His label always tried to use his name for get the money they want. They don't really care about his art, and If it's not the family releasing his music then I won't support. The way his label is handling stuff I'm pretty sure MJ wouldn't want this happening.
  12. lmao! Well her music is awesome. Definently her mixtapes
  13. I am. The Tinashe haters cracks me up tho. They be saying stuff and coming for her like they know what they're talking about. Lol
  14. 1st of all we weren't the only ones who compared her to Janet. Her peers in the music industry did. She is nowhere near like C-Error. Tinashe grew up watching and studying Janet. Why you so pressed? Clearly Queenashe got you shook. Lol
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