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  1. 12 hours ago, Laveaux said:

    Yes chile.

    It was tricky because I have bad allergies around this time...so it started off with me just coughing a lot in the middle of May. I would pop a Claritin and things would be better. Had no fever or anything. Towards the end of May, the coughing got a little more aggressive (so I thought I might be sick)...and I started getting chills and a slight headache...I was like okay...I'm getting tested tomorrow...( I had to jump through all these fucking hoops just to get a test....that pissed me off)...anywho, they swabbed my mouth and told me I'd get the results in 5 days....so I tried to be patient and wait but by that 3rd day....she was on my ass, muscles were weak af, could barely get air in my lungs...that was Sunday the end of May I believe...told my friend to call the sirens...its an emergency. 

    I literally just got out yesterday lol. It's crazy because they had a feeding tube down my throat, so I was knocked out most of the time when I first got there and finally when I'm coherent...I see all these Black men still being killed by police, people rioting, looting, chaos....I almost told them to put me back under.

    Da fuq going on out chea. Smh


    Glad you're out and recovering. I hope you start feeling better soon.

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  2. 10 hours ago, John.... said:

    I'm prepping for the PCAT but I dont know if Im gonna be ready I got 2 months and a week, Ive been trying but I have work to deal with too I just talked to this guy online but he's already like super smart and shit :sigh: why am I just noticing him might be a gay :unsure:  Ironically I just bought both those books before this video wish I could score like he did



    Break a leg, future legal drug dealer!

  3. 22 minutes ago, Voodoo said:

    Gotta love Madonna man. She made that Aretha tribute a backstory to how she struggled and made it....had absolutely nothing to do with Aretha other than she sang her song at an audition. 

    As a Madonna, I'm still like :blink: with her speaking at the vmas for Michael's death and now Aretha's death. And performing  at the BBMAs for prince's death. Michael is the only 1 of those 3 that make sense to me, just because of who they were for the rise of MTV and 80s to current pop.

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  4. I was hoping Janet would give JLo the video vanguard. Shawn Mendes did which was kinda sad? No Janet, no Gloria, no Diddy, not even Pitbull. Like? Where are her influences or legacies? Shawn was . . . there. ??‍♂️

  5. Why is everyone so bothered by it being an EP? We’re getting more Janet. And if it’s 5-8 songs that are as good or better than M4N, I’m happy. Janet obviously cares about rebuilding her international fan base and taking the tour there and preparing for a possible RRHoF induction. We just got a full, classic album in 2015 with only 2 videos and a shortened tour. We’re likely getting more visuals and promotion from her this go round with a tighter focus on her already legendary catalog and some new cross-platform bops.

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  6. Janet Jackson got a standing ovation, we’re told, after taping an “elaborate” and “colorful” performance of her new song “Made for Now,” with Daddy Yankee, to air on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on Friday.

    “It was a powerful performance. It featured beautiful production with elaborate costumes and a colorful set,” said a spy.

    Jackson’s former backup dancer, superstar Jennifer Lopez, will also appear on the episode.https://pagesix.com/2018/08/16/janet-jackson-gets-standing-ovation-after-performing-new-song/

  7. 29 minutes ago, Game For Now said:

    I just had a dream about a new song

    i was in bed listening to it.. it was a ballad. And a tease (long interlude) but beautifully written and sang by Janet. I remember it being about Wissam and it was produced by Jimmy & Terry. It was so vivid.. I wish I remembered the lyrics ?

    “Let me tell you bout the ja-pa-nese laaaady. She told me to leave Wi-ssam. Said-he was cray-zay.” 

    But for real, I hope she’s does some personal ballads in addition to some bops. 

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