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  1. I can't wait. I was very disappointed with last season (not every storyline, but as a whole). I just hope this season is a little more even.
  2. Oh, hell naaawww. I've been volunteer campaigning in my free time to make sure that doesn't happen. You are welcome in the USA!
  3. That really sucks.. I'm sorry, UK and Euro JanFam.
  4. A part of me wanted to pick "Nothing Compares 2 U," but I settled on "I Feel For You" because I can listen to that song no matter what mood I'm in.
  5. She's always been into fashion. And it might come off silly, but she has still been accessorizing with her heels/boots and hats. It's not as noticeable with the pants and wraps, though.
  6. Femme Fatale was a pretty good album, though I admit Britney Jean was awful. Both of them could still pull off a top 10 hot-100 hit separately if they actually put effort into it. They definitely could with the right dance song together and with a video.
  7. I'd be here for it if it were an upbeat song, and they had an idea for a video and/or performance. That'd be the main selling point. If they were just looking to do a song with no definite plans, I wouldn't bother.
  8. 20 y.o. is far from being her best, but I don't HATE it. CoM and S.Ex. were fun for what they were at the time. I still listen to "With You," "Take Care," and the S.Ex. remix. "Do It 2 Me" is actually my favorite song on the album, and has one of the highest counts on my itunes. I love Janet's voice, the lyrics, and the fun but cheezy sample of "If Only for one night."
  9. I'm sure she (or better yet, Ne-yo) had certain things on their mind . . . .
  10. It's one of my top 5 on that album, behind "Feedback," "LUV," "Rock With U," and "Curtains." I wouldn't want to see Janet in 2016 performing it though, no.
  11. I'm happy for her. I never heard of this horse race before, but it sounds like it's bringing her music to a new and possibly lucrative audience. . .which is great. For the longest time on these boards (Way back to even the All For You era board), people complained about the fact that Janet didn't spend too much time promoting her music outside of the US and Japan. Now, she is. I swear the UK keeps getting remixes of her songs that I have to hunt for over here. Granted, making some videos would surely be helpful to her in all major markets, but what's wrong with the Legendary Miss Jackson shutt
  12. I could have sworn I saw the camera cut to her in the audience at one point, then cut away quickly.
  13. I think the footage some of us were hoping was being looked at for a Janet tour DVD release was used in this episode.
  14. It wasn't race-bating. It is another example of people being offended by something just because it doesn't pertain to them. Her performance has absolutely NOTHING to do with law enforcement: not the lyrics, outfits, or performance. You can't bring up a (misconstrued) message in her video when decrying her performance. I personally do not consider the Black Panthers a hate group, but I'm honestly uninformed of their relevance outside of the 1960s civil rights movement. Whether some chapters back then could be considered a hate group is debatable. I wouldn't classify them as such. I saw no racis
  15. This might be my first Bey concert. I've only been a casual fan. but I feel like I should see her in concert at least once.
  16. I'm kinda happy it's been moved from a Sunday to a Friday. Just waiting to see if they're just transferring the dates on the tickets.
  17. That superbowl was so painful for me. Being from SC, most of us root for the Panthers. It was strange enough that they played, but it hurt how they lost at the end. And then JANET. I was already confused that she wasn't performing "Just a little while." Then, I was sitting there going, "why did she let him on stage with her dressed like that? His outfit is beneath her. He didn't shave." And the split second event . . . the event that inspired Youtube. *sigh* I left thinking, "poor Janet. . I wonder how much those nipple shields cost?"
  18. All my friends and family know. She's on my backdrop on all my FB, IG, and Twitter. I almost never tell my job why I'm taking off, but I made sure EVERYBODY knew when I took off to see Janet.
  19. Concert pre-sale sold out after I waited in queue for an hour. . Guess I'm trying again tomorrow.
  20. Hope you have a great time! I'm hoping she releases some US dates soon. I'm assuming I'll end up driving to Georgia. I doubt she's doing many dates here.
  21. I'm thankful for my family, friends, a (hopefully upward moving) career, Janet's return, and hopefully a good end to 2015.
  22. I love that dvd. I thought of her performance like a bigger, better vh1 storytellers. As for her singing, it always sounds good to me, and it helps that she writes her own music. She knows how to interpret the emotion. But even she admits, she doesn't go full in all her live performances. She can't sing one key in "someone like you" like the studio version because it strains her voice. And she's been giving more "refined" performances since she had surgery and came back to do "Rolling in the deep" at the Grammys.
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