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  1. I really liked Season 1. Interesting concept, and it kept me interested (even though I HATED a lot of the main characters). I didn't realize season 2 had already started. I need to hop on my on demand.
  2. Has anyone who pre-ordered the vinyl single or album received it yet? I still haven't even gotten my physical cd (from the site) bc ups and usps lost it during transfer.
  3. Love. This. Song. "We all need to do better." "Yoooou'll never know (unless you've been there)."
  4. There wasn't. They still haven't announced anything even though that's up on the site now.
  5. Has anyone heard anything? Her official site is updated under tour where you can put in a code to retrieve your meet and greet pic.
  6. No Sleeep is #1 on adult R&B for an 8th week!
  7. Well, I'm glad they still have plans for "burnitup" at radio. I was wondering since it still hasn't seemed to be officially sent for adds. Also, interesting to hear they have plans for "unbreakable" at urban ac. (maybe when no sleeep loses steam?)
  8. I would really love to see her on SNL this year. Hosting would be nice, but even if she just performed . . . I still live for her performances of ATAP, Throb, Strawberry Bounce, and ANDS on there.
  9. looks like Janet's trying to get people doing that on twitter and FB now.
  10. I've been playing "Night" and "2 B loved" a lot more. The happy/sexy beats and sweet lyrics have seeped in. It actually makes me wish I wasn't single. lol. "Night" takes me back to going out and meeting people at the bar/club, and "2 B loved" is that feeling of the first few months of dating.
  11. She is truly unbreakable. ?. I'm so happy for Janet.
  12. Im still enjoying the album by itself. I still have excitement for the project like a little kid in a candy store. That's partially because I think there's still more. Even Gil admits he's not in on everything she's planning. I saw her once on this leg and still have another leg to look forward to seeing her on. If it's the same, I'll be content BECAUSE I"M SEEING JANET JACKSON LIVE. If it's different, that just makes it even sweeter. But this album by itself is amazing. It's my favorite since the Velvet Rope and I think her most cohesive as an artist since Damita Jo. And I'd trade all the int
  13. This would be a real good excuse for me to go back up to NYC. Tickets last year were $75, $150, $300. I could see some friends and get a once in a lifetime chance to see janhova get inducted.
  14. I don't like it. But I hope it does whatever they hoped for in Europe and the U.K.
  15. This has been a long time coming. She has got to get this. So happy for J.
  16. They (Janet's team, Gil) have been saying to get the music out the cloud. I'm assuming that means make sure to download it from iTunes and the Janet site if you pre-ordered or purchased a digital copy. Don't let it sit because it only counts when it's downloaded.
  17. I love "promise of you." "Love u 4 life" and I haven't clicked yet, but it's alright. The beat almost makes me think of 70s porn.
  18. at the playlist, just in case you needed to refresh your memory.
  19. the dates are up on livenation.co.uk I think Preorder starts the 8th. I hope you get good seats!
  20. Well, Drake/Future fell to #2 with 107,000 units in their 2nd week. Fetty is #1 with 129,000 units. Janet will appear next Tuesday morning. So, I'm thinking she should be safe as the #1 if her sales predictions hold up.
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