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  1. I would LIVE if Janet could get a Country hit. She's conquered so many charts already. If she could pick up that last big chart, . . .
  2. I'm curious, too. It sounds like an abusive co-dependent relationship. It almost reminds me of her character from WDIGM/WDIGMT. She feels responsible for something in the relationship; he blames her, too, and becomes an alcoholic ("he's not himself when that record comes on"). She blames herself for the abuse from him, but they don't leave each other.
  3. Co-sign. I've wanted her to do an unplugged ever since I saw her I Get Lonely on Rosie O'. OMG, and if she ever made a cd from it. . . .
  4. Just remember when you're overwhelmed: dream and take some time to love yourself. Believe you're free to do whatever you want. No. no more room number four. You never know. Unless you've been there.
  5. This seems to be the non-single track that is selling the best on ITunes, and it's def the one all my casual fan friends mention to me as liking.
  6. I thought it was cute at first (LUV the IGL sample), but when I played it in my car . . . .OMG! That won me over.
  7. Have y'all heard about this? This is the stuff nightmares are made of for the self-conscious. Instead of telling someone how you feel face to face, a new app in beta called Peeple is unleashing the five-star rating and review system on humans. The app hasn't launched yet, but the founders say on their website the goal is to "change the way people can learn about each other online," whether it's looking at prospective roommates, dates or learning about a potential business partner. Perhaps the most unnerving part of it all for some people: Anyone can add a new user and you can't remove your pr
  8. Black Eagle sticks the most in my mind. But the whole album is golden. I can listen to it straight through.
  9. I could do store pick up online, but I got it! I love the full version of Promise of you.
  10. That's one of the best lyric videos I've ever seen. That would have been a good regular tour video (a la "You").
  11. 1. The Velvet Rope 2. Unbreakable (I don't know if it's because its new or because I readily FEEL so much of these songs, but it edged out RN) 3. JJ's RN1814 4. Janet 5. All For You 6. Damita Jo 7. Control 8. Discipline/20 Y.O. 9. Janet Jackson 10. Dream street
  12. I def teared up. One of my friends from undergrad started texting me this morning, saying he was crying listening to it: "I knew you'd have it already, too. I missed her a lot. And it made me realize how much I missed hearing real music."
  13. At least Itunes was an hour early since my cd won't be on time. I would also like to thank Janhova for summoning hurricane joaquin, giving me the opportunity to stay home tomorrow from work and listen to this all night.
  14. Has this song been officially sent to or picked up by radio yet?
  15. Janet should have been in her first year eligible. Anyone who has seen her perform (especially with the RN tour, UCAP, and the current tour) can see the rock influences. Outside of her hot 100 and mainstream rock #1 black cat, she consistently has rock influences on her albums. And the biggest pop rock artist right now, P!nk, owes a lot of her swag to the ground Janet laid. Induct, Janet!
  16. Miss Target better have my cd ready tomorrow morning. I need to listen to that cd in my car ASAP. And want those bonus tracks. I guess I'll get my pre-order CDs whenever they finish pouring the polyvinyl album and single.
  17. I'd love to see her win another grammy and perform there, again. I would think No Sleeep, Unbreakable (even though it's not a proper single), and Burnitup! would all be eligible. The album itself with any future single would just be pushed to the 2017 Grammy awards. No Sleeep I would also THINK would get a couple nominations for 2016.
  18. just checked my original emails and got the link. Both of my orders are still processing.
  19. Would it be premature to call if I haven't gotten an email yet from Janet store? I'm ready to get my "yasss dance" and "ugly cry" on in my car.
  20. they kept talking in between it about how innovative her collaboration with elephant man on the remix was. I like or love every version of that song I've heard, but chile . . . Don't cut in the video with foolishness.
  21. random highlights of her bet appearances: Donnie simpson's show during rn1814 era, her ands/rnbj performance at the bet awards, interviews on 106 and park, etc. with commentary from former hosts and Ciara.
  22. I keep seeing people posting pics of their cd on twitter. I haven't gotten an e-mail for either of my Janet Jackson store orders.
  23. Janet, please come and replenish my soul! I need any which of my preordered versions ASAP!
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