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  1. it's black cat - if - scream - rhythm nation again. I feel like black cat is shorter and it's not the vma 93 mix of if anymore.
  2. I wondered about Michael on the screen as well since she used the vid during scream and images of them in together again during ucap tour. But I do remember her saying around then (I think on Oprah) she preferred only seeing pictures of him when they were younger; it may still be too hard to look at his image behind her every night.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's just for the screen feed at the concert and for tweeting. But this whole era has this idea of staying connected (her and her team with the fans and them with each other) and talking about issues (what she's been going through and how she feels about things going on in the world).
  4. that's what I'm hoping. I'll be happy just to see her again in March, but I would love if the 2nd leg was changed up. Chastain was sold out sat and I'm pretty sure Phillips is almost sold out for March.
  5. They were pushing buying the album and other tour dates hard. she actually made me tear up tonight l. She apologized for the rain and the small stage, then plugged Phillips in March. Lol. I saw her made up bet award. I wish they had her 1000 billboard and ama.
  6. dj active was on it, especially with the 20 y.o. Unreleased. I think he had to adjust due to issues tonight, too, though. He repeated stcml a lot.
  7. I was enamored tonight. Even with the rain, she did that d@mn thing. Im seeing her in Columbia I'm march and wish she had added another close date for the 3rd leg.
  8. Chastain was the fool. The concert was wonderful, and I wasn't bothered by the rain. Unfortunately, the stage was too small for all her set up. They didn't have everything out in mymusicvip, either. Janet was amazing, even with them wiping the floor while she danced. Met Gil. He was nice.
  9. I hope I hope this rain holds off. . . . As I walk around aimlessly, failing at getting upgraded to front row.
  10. I hope she has a televised performance and/or video release planned for next week. This song can go far with the right exposure. Omg, this is a welcome start to my weekend.
  11. I like missy. But her part at the beginning can be easily cut for radio. I actually think having her in it might help her in the uk and Western Europe.
  12. I am getting my life. I just made the dj at the bar download it.
  13. I love her handwriting, too. I handwrote (cursive) all if my thank you notes for graduation last year. The older people appreciated it, but most people my age and younger were just shocked and confused.
  14. It's already peaked #1 on billboard's trending 140. I'm ready for this track to slay my soul. ?. Lawd let me get a front row upgrade on sat, so I can show out. ?
  15. I'm LIVING for all the (mostly positive) press she's been getting. And she still hasn't even sat down with a magazine or done a radio or tv interview.
  16. Twenty four play. If it's a song she's done before, special for slow or drm for dance.
  17. 5 weeks #1 on adult r&b! I peeped the video comments section, and people are seriously just learning about the song now (along with "make me," "nothing," and "rock with u," but that's a different story . . .) At least urban ac is still supporting it.
  18. *sigh* I was holding out hope for her in her later career. She was my favorite thing in that bad Conan film and pretty good as young Cora in OUAT.
  19. Wow. I knew U.S. and Japan were her biggest markets, but dang.
  20. It's UK only. lol. Does she not have a #1 there?
  21. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a drag queen do "Pull up to my bumper" . . .
  22. I need to believe she had vertigo for my sanity. I wanted to see that your so bad. She canceled the Greensboro show I had floor seats to, and it was supposed to be her first night back after being sick. . Needless to say, I clutched my tour book all the way back to SC and got stupid drunk that night.
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