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  1. The promo for "discipline" era wasn't aimed at her older fans or the older general public either. And Feedback was the only pop hit. "No Sleeep" was a calculated move that reminded me of Sade "soldier of love:" a release aimed at the grown crowd that younger kids might still listen to. She still has some positive heat from the Number Ones tour. Add to that people who were kids during VR and AFY can actually afford to pay to see a legend themselves now. And maybe take mommy or daddy who liked her earlier.
  2. This is hard for me because I still have nightmares about that Soul Train Awards Tribute from Velvet Rope era. I have liked a live cover of "If" by Kelly Clarkson. Studio version might be cute. Maybe Kelly Rowland on "You want this," P!nk on "What'll I do."
  3. I'm interested in this more so than the princess remakes they've been doing. Looks cute in the teaser.
  4. My body is ready for this single. I was hoping she was going to perform it at iheartradio. . Oh, well. Hopefully it'll do well. I can't wait to see her and missy in the video!
  5. Ticketmaster has it removed from her calendar of concerts, too. . I was looking forward to watching her in yahoo this weekend.
  6. Did they drop all for you promo just be caused they signed Mariah? I like Mariah, but "loverboy" was not all that. And that poor "glitter" album coming out on 9/11.
  7. Yet another week at #1 on adult r&b but slipped to #14 on r&b/hip hop air. I'm wondering how it would have done if it was sent to any other formats.
  8. I loved "Trust a try" the first time I played it. I think she said she was considering it as a single when she was on trl. At the time, I thought "come on get up" was going to be an official post-son of a gun single. I know it was sent to clubs but not sure about radio. "When we oooo" and "better days" were faves of mine, but I thought they were less likely singles.
  9. Yeah, J still call them the kids, and they named themselves J tribe. At least on Twitter, Janet's fans have been called janfam, and some have started calling themselves jtribe. Madonna has been calling her fans rebel hearts since the beginning of this era.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/djaktivemusic/janet-jackson-mix-house-hip-hop-rb-mix-part-2-x-dj-aktive
  11. LOVE seeing her and her team getting more into social media. . She has such a beautiful smile.
  12. I thought she was talking about Britney. The person she saw starting out starker and purer but ended up playing dress up. Britney wanted Grace to be in her "I'm a slave for you" VMA performance, but Grace declined that she had already been there and done that. And Britney definitely struggled with who she is (In The Zone/ the cancelled album with Mona Lisa/Blackout) and what her image started out as and has become.
  13. Supposedly by going to the mymusicvip.com site and logging in when there. Gil also tweeted that you should be able to just show your pre-order on your phone since some people were having trouble.
  14. i seriously think there maybe as many live performances of all nite as there are of together again and all for you. She was seen on TV, even if not played on radio.
  15. I can't even fathom what a setlist from that era would look like. We missed out on seeing "moist" and "warmth" visualized. But I love that album to this day. I Stan for "just a little while" as a great post-A4U pop song. I still think "All Nite" would have been a hot 100 top 10 if not for the black list. And "slo love," "like you don't love me," "spending time with you" . . .
  16. I've been trying to be better about that in the last couple years. And it's the only reason I'll be getting to see her in Atlanta in leg 1 and Columbia in leg 2.
  17. She has to be announcing Europe soon. She has a gap between March 9 and May 19. Plus her dancers are rumored to be contracted up to 2 years. This is shaping up to be her biggest tour since "Janet." era.
  18. Rumors on twitter that new tour dates coming out next week. Someone posted this, but I don't see it on the site.
  19. Woooow. I'm so happy she has support like that. He doesn't need to be in the spotlight himself, let's her be Janet, but he's still checking for people that support his wife.
  20. Another week as #1 on the adult r&b chart and stalled at #12 at r&b hip-hop AirPlay. Radio seems to be holding steady.
  21. I'm not sure she's making a statement. When I first saw the white tour outfit, I assumed it was just a stylistic nod to the fact that she is married to a man from Qatar and maybe picked up some Arab fashion influences. It's more of the fact that she's ONLY wearing that or the black outfit that has people so curious. Had she worn only an outfit similar to hers at the BET awards showing parts of her arm, neck, and top of her chest or only 1 outfit like parts of the N1:ucapt (which was very covered but fitted with cleavage), it'd be a moot issue.
  22. I was OBSESSED with Do It to Me when the album came out. My best friend (under cover Janet stan) always wanted Daybreak and This Body as singles. I really hope Burnitup gets a single release the week of the album release. I love the live version, and the studio (I would think) could do well on Hot 100, pop, R&B and Hip-Hop, and Club Dance.
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