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  1. I hope we get the song and video the Friday before the VMAs and she performs it there. Billboard Awards got me hype to see her tear up another awards stage.
  2. https://twitter.com/KenJDSC/status/1023989813723234319
  3. From what I heard, everyone on set was being fed the song through tiny air pieces from the same feed so they'd be on the same beat but the song wouldn't leak.
  4. Janet was amazing last night. Only a true legend could get me to trek through the worst smelling mud/grass just to try to get near the stage. Lol. The whole crew did a great job. I feel like they even rushed through the costume changes/breaks to try and keep the energy flowing for the festival. There was one group of women at the front left of VIP who were hype the entire show.
  5. My body is SO ready. ?. I’d love some upbeat, island flavor. As for Daddy Yankee, i liked gasoline back in the day and i know he was somewhere in despacito, so ??. I hope the kids are hanging early in the day at Panorama.
  6. I’m already set to see her at Panorama in NY this month. I really hope they add more dates for like SC or Atlanta later so I can see her closer to home at a regular concert.
  7. These queens lipsynching to Janet on the season finale of drag race. They all got me like ?. Aquaria the only one I’m fucking with so far this episode.
  8. I’d really love Janet to work with Britney or Rihanna. She and Gaga I could see making a cute anthem for me, too, though.
  9. Mama gave me life. Her getting over her insecurities about her legs. Her hair for days. Her confusing newbs who probably think “Throb” is a new track while gagging janfam and the gays at the same time. Random snippets of “when we oooo,” BIU . . .
  10. I hope this is in print. I really love these photos and would love a copy of this mag. Her and the kids look AMAZING.
  11. DarkStormSC


    Happy Birthday, Janet!!! Thank you for blessing us with another year along on your journey!
  12. He’s so cuuute! Nice to see Jan in a lil blue, too.
  13. I’d love a new song to drop this Friday with Sunday’s performance being a mix of TTWLG, MYM, or another of her longer charting hits into the new song.
  14. Season 2, ep. 1 of “Dear White People” has 2 characters break out singing part of the bridge in STCML.
  15. I’m considering. The vagueness sounds like it might just be extras for a video or something while simultaneously actually auditioning dancers.
  16. She need to let that go. Nobody was clamoring for a remake, but it was still a blessing from Janhova.
  17. If it were a best of/b-sides sort of thing with a few added tracks. I love a lot of her slow songs, but I wouldn't want a whole new album of them.
  18. Janet account on FB added State of the World tour event American Airlines arena in Miami, Fl for Sunday August 5th at 8 p.m. It showed ticket sales for Saturday and Citibank presale and VIP packages for tomorrow.
  19. So, Ummm . . . . https://www.facebook.com/events/1811830312447035/permalink/1811830375780362/
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