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  1. Just wanted to point out this little tidbit about Janet's shoes. You gotta watch carefully cause she really doesn't dance much when in these heels but watch when she turns around and walks. Her shoes are red bottoms. I've never seen red bottoms before not even online lol. I just hear them talked about in songs or shows.


    idk how often she wears them, but I’m pretty sure she got her and all the choreographers/dancers louboutin red bottoms for the MJ Scream tribute.

  2. are you guys following this? When It first started, the counter said around 14,000 entries, its up to 46,000 now :unsure: ...she snatching all ya social media platforms.....genius move

    Really genius move. She's getting her hardcores to tweet about her concert and make sure they're on all her social media accounts . . .making us part of her promo for the chance to win front row tickets.

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  3. I like some of Michaels music but I wouldn't exactly call myself a fan. You guys seem like you are fans so I am just wondering what you feel when new MJ stuff is released, are you excited or do you feel like The Estate is milking Michaels legacy for all the money that it can get?

    I'm not going to say I love everything that's come out, but it doesn't bother me. It was obvious to me when he died, he had planned for his music to continue to come out just as a safety net for his kids. Whether it's all good or has been released well is another story. 

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  4. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/7957037/michael-jackson-scream-collection-sept-29


    As teased on Monday (Sept. 4) on Twitter, Michael Jackson’s SCREAM—a 13-track collection featuring the classics “Thriller” and “Dirty Diana”—will be released on Sept. 29. The project, a collaboration between Epic/Legacy Recordings and The Estate of Michael Jackson, also boasts a newly created bonus track, “Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous.”

    Remixed by The White Panda, the bonus track is a mash-up of five songs: “Blood on the Dance Floor,” “Dangerous,” “This Place Hotel,” “Leave Me Alone” and “Is It Scary.” The mash-up premiered exclusively today (Sept. 6) on Shazam, with fans given a two-hour window (7 a.m.-9 a.m. ET) to Shazam any Michael Jackson song and unlock the new track. “Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous” will also be offered as an instant free track with pre-orders of SCREAM digitally and will be available on all streaming platforms.

     :mellow: I wish they'd release an HQ version of the long form "Ghosts" film.

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  5. Ive been wondering something. I know she said the tour won't be about politics but Janet has so many socially consciences songs it be hard to avoid. The two tour teasers referenced RN and new agenda.  In the crazy current political climate it just makes sense I guess  


    1 more Day!!!

    I'm guessing she's going to touch on social issues; she just won't mention any political figures or parties.

  6. Sadly. That and they never want to blame Janet. They always place the blame elsewhere when it comes to Janet (I think most fan bases are like that though) 

    Janet doesn’t want to promote.. Get over it (not you.. them) and Enjoy the awesome show she’s about to deliver ?

    I personally wish there was more promotion, but I think she purposely only focusing on her hardcore fans. The information is out there. But only people like us know when stuff pops up on Facebook, twitter, instagram, Entertainment news, etc. This isn't the days of Virgin pushing their top Artist or Def Jam trying to make another "Emancipation of Mimi." She's taken the stance of putting the stuff out to her hardcores, and whoever else wants to join in for the party are free to.

  7. If you can, I'd say go ahead and get her 2 disc #1s on itunes. It's currently $6.99 and does a very good job of highlighting her Hot 100, R&B, Rock, and Dance hits starting with her breakthrough "Control"until 2009 (Feedback and Make me singles). Edit: I see you're UK. It's 8.99 pounds there now.

  8. I hope this tour goes well. On a personal level, Janet is my number 1 and I want the world to remember her greatness and because it would help me believe racism and sexism can be overcome one small fight at a time. But also as a fan, I love and respect her so fucking much. I realize she doesn't like the constant public eye but she LOVES being on stage. And if this tour does well, I could see her going back out every so often into the future.

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  9. The basics without exclusive access are back to talking: Radar Online

    Janet Jackson is planning revenge on Wissam Al Mana — and her sexy “State of the World” tour will have him fuming, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal.

    Jackson, 51, is set to start her 56-city comeback tour on Sept. 7, and insiders tell Radar that her performances will be as “nasty” as possible to get back at her 42-year-old soon-to-be ex!

    “The show is going to be so hot they may have to ban kids,” the insider told Radar. “Janet is planning a bevy of sexy moves that will include lap dances, where she will pull random fans — male and female — on stage for some white-hot fun.”

    “Her fans will get everything they’ve been previously accustomed to — and more,” the insider added, noting that her new routines are extremely “raunchy!”

    Radar exclusively reported that the “All For You” hitmaker started losing her baby weight and hitting the rehearsal studios in preparation for the tour earlier this month.

    Jackson and the Qatari billionaire tied the knot in 2012, and she was quick to conform to his strict interpretation of Islam as she spent five years draped in burkas. They welcomed their son Eissa in January 2017, but his birth wasn’t enough to save their marriage.

    “Janet repressed so much that she nearly died of anxiety and boredom,” the insider explained.

    The couple decided to divorce in April 2017, and is still battling over custody of their son.

  10. It's very sad. I used to be a pharm tech from 2003 to 2011, and I saw the increasing amount of pain medications - CII/Narcotics, no less- being prescribed. It was crazy the back and forth we went through between patients, hospitals, insurance companies, law enforcement, etc. about the questionable prescribing we kept seeing. And when the government woke up to the problem and started putting pressure on doctors and hospitals, a lot of the people who were already hooked switched to heroin as the closest thing they could get. It pains me to see how many people have been affected.. It has also been very telling to me because as an lgbt person of color, I've lost friends to party drugs over the years and seen people thrown in jail indefinitely over pot. And as bad as the response has been with this issue, it's still been WAY more compassionate and better handled because it's hitting middle and upperclass America.

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