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  1. Well damn....I guess Beyonce did shut it down. I only see people talking about her performance.  You wouldn't even know Rihanna and Britney even performed. Britney is always getting overshadowed now. Poor girl.

    Tonight was supposed to be about Brit and Riri, and Beyonce literally shut it down for both of them. Brit should have done a mix of her new album. She was fine, but not good enough to follow Bey. And Rihanna's 3 (soon 4) separate performance have been hit or miss.

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  2. Dammn Baby could be doing better if they had put the video on vevo and YouTube only, not Facebook. And if they had done some first week radio payola, but Janet's never been about that life. -_- Anywhich way, I'm glad it's charting. I wish they would pay attention to the djs, though. That's easy publicity and another chart.

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  3. P!nk slayed. Adele and the Weekend won big, but Adele's new video for Send my love to your new lover sucks. Britney opened and showed out. It wasn't as good as original Britney, but better than the last 9 years. On a close note, Justin Bieber was giving me 2007 Britney (and he has been all era). The music is there and his swag makes me think he's about to show out, but he just ends up doing a 2 count on stage looking dead behind the eyes. Rihanna gave one of her best vocals ever for "Love on the brain." Celine was good (though I think she was lipping). Her acceptance made me tear up. Madonna did "Nothing Compares 2 U" and sounded decent. Steve Wonder came out for "Purple Rain" with her. That was nice, but the 2 of them together with no one else felt a little awkward to me. Everything else was cute and by the numbers.

  4. I can understand people wanting her to use her celebrity to help bring awareness, but no. It's been how many decades into her career now? Janet doesn't talk about her personal life like that. She never will. At best, you might get a song alluding to what feelings she went through and how she made the decision to have a baby 7-8 years from now.

  5. Coming from an intellectual property standpoint, I'm bothered by these holograms unless we know the artists would have been okay with it. But the estates have generally been making these decisions . . .I thought the MJ performance one was kinda cute and was also amazed at the audience standing up and crying. If it was well done, a full show might work as a las vegas or (hate to say it) Disney type attraction. Whether I'd like to see a traveling Whitney who duets on tv shows . . .:mellow::unsure:

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  6. It's already started drifting from the published books in some ways and from the next book (winds of winter?) from what I can tell. They'll get to a basically similar end but in a different way. But that is a good point of whether George will be influenced in how he gets to the end in the books now.

  7. These last 3 episodes have given me more LIFE than all but 2 episodes last season. Kit know good and well he could've shown a lil more cake in that opening. Sir Onion knight was even trying to hide the goodies from poor ole Melisandre. :lmao:. I don't think Ned liiiiiiieeeeddd to the kids. He probably just didn't correct the stories. B). Lady Olenna is mah beeeyyottccch. As much as I love seeing her, she's smart enough to know that her and her son shouldn't be in kings landing at the same time. Espescially when the 2 heirs are both under crazy zealot high sparrow cult control.

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