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  1. My body is ready. And I'm prepared to forgive last season.
  2. I remember growing up with her music. Watching her video debuts on tv. My sister was a big fan and went to the RN tour. I was a bigger Madonna fan with Janet just behind until high school. Velvet Rope (along with Madonna's Something to Remember) were mainstays in my CD player. By the time All For You came out, J had kicked Madge to a second place tie with Britney.
  3. I can't even tell you how long that track was #1 most played on my Itunes. Her singing, the lyrics, the sample . . .
  4. I started watching it on Hulu after they moved it from Monday night.
  5. ^ this. And the oldest woman to successfully have ivf was in her late 60s. And not a multi-millionaire married to billionaire.
  6. I can't figure out if she was written out or if Nicole Beharie left the show; I loved her. She's a beautiful and very talented actress. If they do get renewed, they better do everything they can to get her back on that show, cut the episodes back down to 13 or 15, and tighten the story back up.
  7. US Weekly says it's confirmed postponed to 2017, and her Facebook account shared the story.. Oddly, I went to look and see how many people have gotten their refunds for my tour stop, and it looks like even more tickets have sold since the last time I looked.
  8. Very much a Scorpio.
  9. I'm US, but I agree. I was VERY impressed with his vocals on this song. (I don't mind his looks either, but I digress). This actually went #1 on the US club dance charts, so it got some love here.
  10. I take 1 to 2 goody powders or bc powders before I go to sleep, and I usually wake up without a headache or nausea.
  11. In hindsight, I can believe she was trying to get pregnant and maybe can announcement at the end of the Europe tour. Under the original schedule, she would have been done with the US and in Europe by now. Maybe all that blew up when she had to have that (fertility?) procedure and rescheduled. Then her attempt to do both at the same time kinda blew up.
  12. I can see her come my out with a statement : "the rumors of my being pregnant are untrue. I have a two year old daughter that is requesting we giver her a brother." . On her Twitter, Kathy said, "If people had thought sweetly & carefully, it may have been surmised earlier. Janet loves her fans & we all love Janet & Wissam. Beautiful." And "holding our tickets."
  13. Pop sugar has already made the dammn, baby joke. Lol. She's getting ALOT of online press already. It's almost as much as when the tour was starting up.
  14. Is it bad that I'm thinking: "we might get another bomb ass album out of this. " I'm glad she is atleast saying right now, she still plans to tour.
  15. P!nk will be fine. She probably already has a full album and tour plans worked out for after this single. She's the only consistent person of her generation still out. Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney may up her in some zones, but none of them are as consistent across singles AirPlay/charting, touring, and exposure at the same time like she is. And she gives exposure without shoving it down your throat.
  16. I'm actually really happy for her. I'd be happier if the original schedule had panned out and she announced this, but I can't hate on her for having a baby.
  17. everytime I read your comments, I look over at your icon, and I'm just like. . . . Janet raising closet freaks e'rywhere.
  18. I give it to tvr. Unbreakable is up there, though. It's fighting rn1814 as my #2. I like 2 b loved. I think it's a generic pop song. If it were a younger artist, it'd probably be a top 10 hit. I think it fits on the album, but it does sound more like an a4u album cousin than a vr cousin.
  19. my show in sc still has a couple floor seats and 1/2 to a 1/3. Of lower level left. Upper level isn't on sale. Atlanta which is a bigger venue is close to sold out. Atl was sold out before the reschedule. And sc had more sold than now before the reschedule.
  20. I have a download of Just a little while but I wish I had it on DVD or an iTunes download. Still like that song and vid. Except her blonde wig.
  21. I'm black and lgbt but went to private catholic school through high school, and am an attorney. It doesn't mean I'm blind to what's around me. And the Super Bowl thing wasn't just because Janet was black. She got the brunt of it over Justin because she was a black woman. The big blowout over the less than a second incident was a distraction from the pointless war. And a way to make "family value" a talking point for the election, much like Bill Clinton's affair was used to push for George W's initial election. Bill's affair and Janet's waldrobe malfunction were both examples of alleged liberal
  22. It has been a been frustrating since the BIU lyric vid came out. I keep imagining how things might be different if she had not canceled the Iheartradio performance and didn't have to reschedule the 2nd US leg. Then the Euro cancelations. I keep waking up each Mon and Fri morning hoping the Dammn Baby video dropped and there's a major regroup for the album following it.
  23. White privilege is a thing. Just like male privilege is. If you are anything but a middle aged, white, protestant, heterosexual upper middle class to affluent male in the United States, you automatically have some form of "handicap" against you. A woman makes $0.70 cents to a male dollar. A hispanic or black female makes $0.63. If you're lgbt, you're looking over your shoulder about even keeping that job in some places. And, yes, low socio-economic status crosses all colors in the US. And there are people on Wall Street and who we have voted in Congress who keep people in a low-socioeconomic s
  24. No Sleep. I can honestly say I've consistently loved all of her videos, except for 20 y.o. era.
  25. It did become her first number 1 album. I was a big no doubt fan back in the day, but I was only a casual Gwen Stefani fan. I think I like her solo work more now (even the old albums) than I did then. But yeah, I think Fergie kinda grabbed her solo niche back then and did it better.
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